Bringing people together for Bike Fun
in Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Bike Fun in Portland Oregon

Shift's aim is to promote the bicycle with its many benefits to health, community, reduction in traffic, and hearty good biking fun.

Breakfast on the Bridges

The last Friday of every month Shift volunteers serve breakfast to bicyclists on the Steel, Hawthorne, and Tillikum bridges. Many bike commuters have come to look forward to hot coffee and delicious pastries on their way to work once a month - and you can't beat the view! Note, we generally arrive on the bridges around 7:00 a.m. and stay till 9:00.

Join us for this fun, community-building event. Stop by on your way to work, school, shopping, or where-ever you and your bike are going.



Free breakfast doesn't grow on trees! Unless it's fruit... We're happy to have the support of several local coffee and pastry shops as well as other food donors. And we're always looking for more! If you'd like to contribute to Breakfast on the Bridges, please contact us!

Recent Donors:
  • Gluten Free Gem
  • Great Harvest PDX
  • Portland Catering Company
  • Whole Foods Market Fremont
  • Cellar Door Coffee Roasters
  • Stumptown Coffee
  • Trailhead Coffee Roasters
  • Zupan's
  • Sugar Mamas Coffee Cafe
  • Portland Pedal Power
  • Acme Donuts

  • Past Donors:
  • Elephant's Delicatessen
  • Sunshine Dairy
  • Legare's Community Resource Center
  • Black Sheep Bakery
  • Courier Coffee
  • Sweetpea Baking
  • People's Coop

  • Many thanks to these generous friends who make Breakfast on the Bridges possible.


    BonB is brought to you by a team of bike-fun-loving morning people (and those of us who drink enough coffee to resemble morning people). It takes many hands and much energy to deliver breakfast to so many cyclists in the morning and we love to share the work load opportunity to spread joy. There's much brewing, baking, and donation retrieval to be done, but if you're not the type who plans ahead just show up and put your friendly smile to use- we always enjoy company on the bridges. If you're interested in helping out, email Capt_pastry.

    BonB is planned and organized through the occasional meeting and plenty of electronic correspondence through the BonB mailing list. Maybe handing out breakfast before the sun comes up isn't your thing? We're always looking for friendly and creative folks to help find donors, pick up and drop off donations, and promote BonB via creative signs and feeding logistics.


    Breakfast on the Bridges happens 7:00 - 9:00 am on the last Friday of every month. Well... pretty much. In the month of June we celebrate PedalPalooza by bringing you BonB every Friday. We also try to avoid major holidays (when people get to sleep in rather than commute downtown) by shifting the date up or back a week (especially around Thanksgiving in November and Christmas/New Years in December). We also throw special themes into the mix like Superhero BonB in October and Santa Lucia on the Bridge in December.


    We have two regular serving locations.

    Hawthorne Bridge: Team Hawthorne stations itself at the West end of the bridge (North side, westbound) where the bike/pedestrian lane splits. Great views of the river and Waterfront Park. We highly encourage moving with the flow of traffic to access the Hawthorne location (this may require going out of your way to safely turn around and access the correct lane).

    Steel Bridge: Team Steel sets up just east of the entrance to the lower bike/ped path (north end of the Eastbank Esplanade). Great views of the river and downtown skyline.

    Morrison Bridge: sadly, we are not serving on the Morrison Bridge at this time. If you'd like to start a Morrison BonB, get in touch - we'd love to support you!


    Tardy slips are often available for those who are running late. They may not get you out of trouble, but they'll probably lighten the mood. At least you wont be trying to explain yourself on an empty stomach.

    BonB Superhero trading cards (on hand at special times) are a popular collectible commodity. You can expect them to triple in value over the next ten years. A whole set may someday go for eight times its original value at auction.


  • Flickr BonB tag

  • Move By Bike

    Shifties love to help when it comes to moving the belongings of other bikers. It's a big social event. Typically the movee provides coffee and light snacks before the ride, and beer and a meal at the end. The move doubles as a house warming party. You should definitely help on somebody else's bike move before asking for help on your own move, partly so you know what you're getting involved in and partly for karma. This is not a moving service for hire. We do this for friendship and good times, not for money.

    Knowing this, if you would like a herd of bike trailers to show-up at your place to assist your move in a pedal-powered way, then email movebybike.

    Please give at least a week's notice.

    Also, check the calendar to avoid a conflict with other rides, and especially when a ride follows a Midnight Mystery Ride (unless you like hung-over bikers at your Move by Bike event).

    ← This image. drawn by Shawn Granton, first showed up on t-shirts made at Steph's Alliterative Move. You can see more of Shawn's work here.

    How To Move by Bike

    Wanting to give moving*by*bicycle a try? Here are some tips to get you started:

    1. Broadcast the bike move far and wide! Add it to your local bike group's calendar, post it on a blog, do anything you can think of to get the word out. (In Portland, people add it to Shift's calendar, announce it on the Shift List, and also send a reminder on that list the day before the move.) It can help to have a theme, like fancy dress, distinguished tie, or puppet/costume. It really is a party on wheels but you have to make this clear in the invitation, because it's not intuitive. Advertise it as a sort of barn-raising.

    2. Be really, really well prepared day-of so that people can just load-up their bikes and ride. 45 minutes is a pretty good loading-up time to shoot for, allowing plenty of time for people to drink coffee and to accomodate latecomers.

    3. Provide plenty of coffee and donuts at the beginning, and beer and pizza, or something like that, at the end. The best move-by-bikes are when the movee doesn't skimp on this. It costs a lot less than a truck, and makes everyone happy. This is probably the most important item on the list!

    4. Plan out your best route in advance to avoid steep hills and high-traffic streets as much as possible. If you have any major street crossings, sign up people in advance to cork them and give them instructions on when to be at the front of the pack, so the whole parade can get through at its slow, loaded-down place.

    5. Don't worry about weather, but do have lots of tarps if it rains. You'll also want to have lots of bungie cords and tie-downs made out of old bike tubes.

    6. You might need to rent or borrow a truck to finish the job. It's good to have a backup plan, especially if you have a lot of big things and not a lot of big trailers. You'll want to think about the logistics of what can fit on each trailer in advance.

    7. Take pictures and share them online! The more people move by bike, the more people want to move by bike.

    N e X t___E v e N t (s)

    Josh's Short and Spooky Bike Move

    Starting point: 44 and NE Going
    Ending point: 35 and Alberta
    Date: Saturday, 31 Oct, 2015
    Time: 11:00am
    Contact: Josh G

    Sat. Oct 31, 11am leaving from ~44 and NE Going, headed to 35 and Alberta. Exactly 1 (flat) mile. Costumes encouraged. I have a lot of books, etc: dense heavy boxes, and not a ton of Bound bamboo trailer-worthy furniture and bike parts. If you like hauling a lot of heavy stuff a short distance, this is the move for you. We could use all the help we can get. Will have all the usual sweets and savories, uppers and downers, vegan and GF. We will burn things at the end. Costumes still encouraged. An RSVP on facebook or email would be appreciated so I have a vague idea of how much food to get.
    * FB listing
    * Calendar Listing

    Moving via bike is happening all of the time here in Portland, Oregon. Keep alert to the Calendar for further Move by Bike events.

    S a m p l i n g___o f___E v e N t (s)

    Ron's Rawk'n Bike Move!

    Starting point: 7655 Ne Sacramento St
    Ending point: 6905 NE Wygant St
    Date: Saturday, 26 Sept, 2015
    Time: 10:00am
    Contact: Ron

    Cully neighborhood. Begins at 7655 Ne Sacramento St. Where NE Sacramento St and Alameda meet, very close to Alameda High School. and ends at 6905 NE Wygant St. This is a relatively easy ride that is relatively flat. This is just moving one person, folks. Coffee or tea at start and food at the end. Thank you!

    Ed's Big Bike Move!

    Starting point: 2027 N. Williams Avenue, just south of Tillamook
    Ending point: Two miles north
    Date: Sunday, Aug 30, 2015
    Time: 10:30am - 2:30pm
    Contact: Ed

    Meet at 10:30am for food and coffee, load up around 11:00 to 11:30am. I am moving about two miles north via a relatively flat route. Please bring trailers if you have them, most of what I am moving is in boxes with a couple large pieces of furniture.

    Lance and Becky's Bike Move!

    Starting point: 930 NW 12th Ave
    Ending point: SE Ash St.
    Date: Saturday, June 26, 2010
    Time: 10:00am - 2:30pm
    Contact: Lance

    It's Becky's B-Day, we're moving by bike, and would love your help!!

    NW to SePo. A short leisurely 2.8 miles. Together now... through Downtown and over the river to SE Ankeny we go! Voodoo Donuts and coffee at the start. There will also be pizza, or something very yummy, and cake at the end. Maybe even some of Becky's awesome soft cookies.

    Everyone is welcome. There are 15 things (bed, couch, table, chairs, dresser, book shelves, ...) that will each need a trailer :) plus many boxes of stuff filled with mostly clothes and a few books, not too many I promise. I also have a few plants and trees but I may try to move them earlier in the week.

    Please Pass on to your friends. Thanks so much in advance!!!

    See: Facebook Event Page


    Starting point: 1705 SE Ellis St
    Ending point: 13th & Madison
    Date: Sep 19th, 2009, Saturday
    Time: eat at 10:30am, sail at 11:30am!
    Contact: Katelyn

    Ahoy, me mateys!
    Yeas, iz I, Katelyn here, inviting ye alls to help me move out of my land-locked hut in Smellwood to to wonderous flowey bikeways of SE 13th & Madison. The route is round'bouts 4.5 miles, real slow and steady like our good salty turtlemates. I also don't have a lot of treasures to ship, so our embarkment should be smooth-- Caffeine and tasty bites provided afor, so ye alls won't be too groggy, but plenty of grog for the aft! hehehehhhehheeh
    Eat at 10:30- Sail at 11:30!
    Dress in yur finest garb and be ready to help Scurrvy Matt's MbB in the afternoon! SAIL HO!

    mattbeard's pirate bike move

    Starting point: 1514 SE Salmon
    Ending point: 6446 NE Cleveland
    Date: Sep 19th, 2009, Saturday (Talk Like a Pirate Day)
    Time: 2pm - be social! 2:30pm - load up! shortly thereafter: roll!
    Contact: mattbeard

    Avast, ye scurvy dogs! I be movin' from SE Salmon (that be a fish!) to the northern lands on September 19th, which be Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I be thinkin', if ye be talkin' like a pirate, ye should swash yer buckle and talk like one. Show up at the appointed place and time and set sail with us and all of Matt's booty to the great northern realm, or we'll make sure ye walk the plank!

    Fool had 42 people at his bike move - are ye better than that? Can we crew our flotilla with more than 42 hearty souls?

    fool's late august rhumba

    Starting point: 2147 NW Glisan
    Ending point: 6446 NE Cleveland
    Date: Aug 30th, 2009, Sunday
    Time: 10:30 - be social! 11:30 - load up! shortly thereafter: roll!
    Contact: fool

    I've got some stuff, and I've got a new house. Could use some help uniting the two. Over the river and through the 'hoods we go, with a bit of uphill, a bit of Multi-Use Path, and a lot of beer and edibles at the end. There will also be a little something to fuel people pre-leaving, both caffeinated and nibbly. Mostly boxes and light-to-moderate stuff. But don't worry, there are some challenges in there =)

    Kristin's Muppet Move

    Date: Saturday, Aug. 8

    Curt's Move By Bike!

    Date: Saturday, Aug. 1
    Time: 11 am (breakfast snack items available for late risers)
    Start: Ladd's Addition Apartments, #208, 2014 SE 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 (corner of SE 12th & Harrison; three-story building w/ Tri-Met bus stop in front)
    Finish: House of Bike Love (with housemates Stephanie R., Ed G., and Emily W. Yay!) 705 N. Alberta St, Portland, OR 97217 (near corner of N. Alberta & Albina, just north of the Mississippi District)
    Contact: Curt Dewees

    This will be a gradual uphill move, no steep hills, on mostly quiet city streets. The busiest street is SE 12th Ave., which has two lanes northbound, so auto traffic will have plenty of room to change lanes and get around us.

    Free pizza and cold beer after the move!

    Theo's Lumberjack Move By Bike

    Starting point: 1825 NE 15th Ave
    Ending point: 4037 N Gatenbein
    Date: May 16th, 2009, Saturday
    Time: Noon
    Contact: Theo

    Theo's moving out of his big lonely apartment and into a new house in North Portland, which is apparently the new bike central.
    This means bike move! And this time, it's lumberjack themed. Break out your overalls, flannel, and beards galore. Or not. But just come help move if you can.
    There's tables, chairs, a shelving unit, rug, dresser, stools, and lots of lots of books for your hauling delight!

    Leave @ 12:30-ish after coffee & donuts.
    Lumberjack-approved (Vegan) Chili and Cornbread and Beer to follow. On the new porch. :-)
    The move is mostly flat, small slow climb, clocking in at just under 2 miles.
    Optional field trip to the Alberta Art Hop after things are unpacked and lumberjack bellies are satisfied.

    Twilight "Liveinsin" Move

    Starting point: Ed's House, 1531 SE Spokane St
    Ending point: Abode of Emily and Ozge (in NoPo)
    Date: May 8, 2009, Friday
    Time: 5:30pm
    Contact: Ed Groth, edward.groth at gmail dat com

    Ed and steph (the "other" one) are shacking up with Emily and Ozge, so what better pre-celebration than a stuff parade via the Springwater?
    Lights heartily encouraged, trailers if you got 'em, and yourself and innocent passersby regardless. The cargo is pretty bite-sized, the route a meandering 8-mile vaguely uphill one, and the adventure swashbuckling.

    We'll end up in NoPo with enough school-night debauchery to make it worth your while.

    Ed Groth, edward.groth at gmail dat com


    Starting point: 5007 N. Kerby Ave. Apt. A
    Ending point: 4070 NE Mallory
    Date: January 31, 2009, Saturday
    Time: 10:00am
    Contact: Tim, timjimtrue at hotmail daht comm

    Sam's Move by Bike

    Starting point: NE Rosa Parks Way and Williams
    Ending point: SW 16th and Clay
    Date: September 28, 2008, Sunday
    Time: Noon
    Contact: Sam Theobald

    Message: Hey there. I sure would love it if a herd of people and trailers would show
    up to help me move this Sunday, the 28th!
    I already posted this on the calender...

    Who needs a silly car to move? NOT US.. I want to move this Sunday by bike. (9/28)
    Come and help? I will have coffee and stuff for you before the ride and beer
    afterward. I am moving my things from NE Rosa Parks Way and Williams to SW 16th and
    Clay. Let's drink coffee and stuff at noon and get on the bikes around noon-thirty.
    If you cant help out Sunday but have a trailer you could lend, that would also be
    greatly appreciated. Hope to see you there!

    Power to the Pedal People!

    P.S. If you want to let me know that you are coming, that would be very cool.
    Sam Theobald


    Microcosm Publishing Move by Bike

    Starting point: SE 50th Ave and Powell Blvd
    Ending point: 9th and Main
    Date: September 13, 2008, Saturday
    Time: Noon
    Contact: Joe Biel or Adam

    Come celebrate moving Microcosm Publishing ( into itsnew store--by bike! Plenty of boxes to roll down the hill from storage around SE
    50th/Powell down to SE 9th/Main. Further shelving to be moved from SE 29th/Holgate
    (possibly handled in advance). Celebrate afterwards with food and drink at The Lucky
    Lab, a mere block from the new store! Props to Shawn Granton for setting us up with
    the new digs!

    Joe Biel

    Sierra Club's Move by Bike

    Starting point: 2950 SE Stark St, Suite 110
    Ending point: 1821 SE Ankeny St
    Date: August 17, 2008 Sunday
    Time: Noon
    Contact: Wes

    How would John Muir move? By bike of course! And so, the Oregon Chapter of
    the Sierra Club is moving by bike this Sunday, 8/17 (I apologize for the short
    notice) at 12 PM. The starting point is 2950 SE Stark St, Suite 110. The destination
    is 1821 SE Ankeny St--a total distance of 0.8 mile on a mostly gentle downhill grade
    over low-traffic streets. Very easy. There will be lots of food and drinks at both
    ends of the route.

    Considering that this is late notice, you may be already booked this Sunday. If you
    happen to have a bike trailer to loan though, please send me an email.

    Report: Besides receiving food and drink we each were rewarded with compact fluorescent bulbs... Now that's a first!

    Lucky Lisa's Move by Bike

    Starting point: 7th and Jessup (between Killingsworth and Ainsworth)
    Ending point: N. Mississippi and Freemont
    Date: August 3, 2008 Sunday
    Time: 2:00pm
    Contact: Lucky Lisa

    I am moving to a cute studio on N. Mississippi and Freemont on Sunday the 3rd
    of August. COme and help! It will be lots of fun- I can picture it now...
    I will have yummy and healthy food too.
    If you have an extra trailer, I would love to help (mine got stolen last week
    I live on 7th and Jessup, between Killingsworth and Ainsworth and am moving to
    the location mentioned above.
    Let me know please. And Thank YOu.

    Move(d) by Bike HUGE THANK Yous: "WoW. Really. I am so happy about the move that went on yesterday. I have Never had so much fun moving. I am super grateful to every body who participated. It would not have been the same with out you. You rock reals. Ethan, the pictures are RAD too! Way bad ass." -Lisa
    Photos by Ethan
    Photos by Tom

    Vancouver to Portland Columbia River Crossing

    Starting point: Franklin and Evergreen
    Ending point: 29th and Main
    Date: July 26, 2008 Saturday
    Time: 11:00am
    Contact: John Kangas

    My car free friend Brenda in downtown Vancouver is moving this month! She'd love to see a bike move come across the Columbia and move stuff without running it around in someone else's car. It's about a mile and a half at most, as the bike move rides, from about Franklin and Evergreen to around 29th and Main. As Brenda is a Red Hatter, an obvious theme would be gaudy hats, perhaps even garish. We'll work on rounding up some goodies from Vancouver Pizza, Vancouver's finest pizza according to the Columbian. If you're unsure about the I-5 bridge, let's meet at the Paul Bunyan on Interstate at approximately 10am.

    Photos by Ethan
    Ride Reports by Ethan and a follow-up from John

    Bonnie's Move by Bike

    Starting point: 3725 SE Rhine St Apt 10A (access from SE 36th Ave)
    Ending point: 5418 SE Gladstone
    Date: May 18, 2008 Sunday
    Time: 12:15pm
    Contact: Bonnie

    To celebrate going car free and going on a bike tour, I'm moving!
    Show up at noon for treats and coffee, a swing in the hammock, load up and we'll be on our way. It's short (2 miles!)

    Route Map:
    (Thanks to Matt Picio for mapping this out.)

    Please bring a trailer, if you have one. I have lots of furniture and stuff. Did I say lots? Yes!. What do you, most fabulous bike movers, get? Undying Gratitude! Food! Refreshing Beverages! Lots before and after!
    If you've never done this and want to try it out, I've got a mt. bike with rack, panniers, and basket that would fit someone 5'4"- 5'10". You can give it a try!

    Steph and Andy Move

    Starting point: 4823 NE 11th ave. (between Wygant and Alberta)
    Ending point: 5801 N. Albina
    Date: April 26, 2008 Saturday
    Time: 11am
    Contact: Steph

    Steph (Noll) and Andy (Sheie) are moving. Hurrah! Bring a trailer, and you will not be disappointed. No one turned away. Furniture? Lot's of it! Books? Trailers full! Banjos? We got em! Donuts and coffee at the beginning (of course!) and veggie chili, snacks, and beverages (beer and not beer) at the end. Move is a flat 1.5 miles to N. Portland. Don't have a trailer? Come anyway. We've got panniers packed full of stuff too. Hope you can join the moving party!

    Emmy's Bike Move

    Starting point: NW 25th and Pettygrove (the large brick building)
    Ending point: SE 39th and Brooklyn (the ECT house)
    Date: Feb 24, 2008 Sunday
    Time: 11am
    Contact: Carrie

    My friend Emmy will be the latest addition to the ECT Brooklyn house. Let's
    welcome her to the bike world by showing her how awesome bike moves are! There
    will not be too much stuff but definately a few pieces of large furniture and a
    long trek across a yet to be determined bridge :)

    Snacks to be provided on-site followed by pizza et cetera at the new place.

    Jeff and Jill's 2nd Move - the Groundhog haul!

    Starting point: 4106 SE 28th Pl (on the corner of SE Gladstone)
    Ending point: SE 37th and Harrison (between Hawthorne and Division)
    Date: Feb 2, 2008 Saturday
    Time: 11am
    Contact: Jeff

    Jill and I bought a house at SE 37th and Harrison (between Hawthorne and
    Division), and we'll move by bike on Saturday, February 2nd. It's a fairly
    easy ride, only two miles, mostly level with one small hill and later a
    gradual incline up SE Clinton.

    However, we do have quite a bit of stuff. I've got quite a few books and Jill
    has lots of stuff related to her arts and craft hobbies. And, we've got quite
    a few shelves and such for organizing. If we can get the size of crowd that
    showed up for Matt Picio's Extreme Bike Move, then we should be fine. We
    could definitely use your help!

    We'll have the usual coffee and pastries to fuel up, followed by pizza and
    libations at the new house.

    On the Move List:
  • books, shelves, art supplies
  • big arse items include a computer desk and bed

  • Hope to see you there!

    Hannah (Leah) Move - the Day After GroundHog's Day

    Starting point: 1638 SE 12th #207, one block south of Hawthorne
    Ending point: 15th and Clinton (short, leisurely ride)
    Date: Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 Sunday
    Time: 2:30 p.m.
    Contact: Ken

    Message: Announcing yet another bike move in this season of bike moves. My friend Hannah (or Leah as she is starting to go by these days), who some of you are bound to know, is moving and wants to do it by bike. She has a studio apartment so it should not be too difficult.

    The late start time gives those going on the hike and bike time to show up and help out. Please bring your trailer to the hike (with a cable lock) and then bike it on over!

    The move is not only small but short. She is only moving to 15th and Clinton. So the move will basically be a leisurely ride through Ladd Addition. Thank you so much for all your help in advance.


    Kate and Cosmic's "Masked" Move

    Kate, is a wigmaker, costumer, actress, dancer extraordinaire. She needs to move it all this 5th of January 2008: the flouncy skirts, the surreal masks, and more than one wig. We're talking a serious stuff parade here, and we're talking only a little over a mile.

    Let's not let the month slip by without a proper haul!

    Starting point: 301 SE 79th Ave.
    Ending point: at 883 NE 90th Ave
    Date: This Sat. Jan 5th 2008
    Time: 10:30 coffeetime, 11am load up

    On the Move List:
  • dungeon furniture !!!
  • original masks (limited supply, so come early to snag yours for movetime couture)
  • make-up and costume-y paraphernalia
  • chihuahuas (i'm not kidding)
  • the usual suspects: assortment of office, bedroom, kitchen and living room furniture, boxes, etc.
  • and... a large outdoor swing (hmmmm, the possibilities . . .)

  • Contact1: Kate
    Contact2: Steph

    Matt Picio's "Xtreme Cycle" Move

    Ok, all you folks who want bragging rights, here you go:

    I'm tired of living out in the hinterlands. I'm tired of getting home at
    dawn after the MMR. And I'm single again, so I get to live wherever I want
    - so I'm moving back to Portland.

    I'm moving from SE 97th & Lawnfield (way the heck out past Clackamas Town
    Center) to 1514 SE Salmon. Yes, less than 100' from the intersection of 2
    bike boulevards in inner SE. And I need your help.

    So, we have the Extreme Bike Move - 97th & Lawnfield to 16th & Salmon - what
    other bike move can you ride the little known bike lane on 82nd Avenue, or
    ride past a farm in the middle of suburbia? Not to mention the bragging
    rights of doing an 11 mile bike move on a holiday weekend?

    Time: 11am, Saturday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Weekend).
    Place: 13632 SE 97th Avenue
    Goodies: Pastries, Donuts and Coffee at the start, Pizza and Beer at theend. And we're not talking a slice and a beer per person, we're talking
    lots of pizza and beer at the end. Help me avoid renting a truck on Sunday
    for the remainder! (start location) (start location detail)
    For better directions, questions, problems, etc. email me.
    -matt picio

    Aaron's "Exchange Cycle" Move

    Aaron's moving, to the Community Exchange Cycle Club house!

    WHEN: Sunday, October 21st, 11:00A
    MEET AT: SE 49th & Glenwood, Portland (1/2 mile S of Woodstock)
    MOVING TO: approx. SE 40th/Brooklyn

    Organic Brian's Move

    I'm leaving SE Ankeny, and that makes me SAD. :-(
    I'll be on SE Salmon, that makes me GLAD. :-P
    The way I've been treated by my apartment management makes me MAD. :-?
    Good times and good health soon to be HAD. 8-O

    Hi, I didn't know this was gonna work out until a few hours ago. I'm bailing out of this apartment, to live in a house that isn't mold-infested. I can maybe not look like I have pinkeye in both eyes all the time! I'll no longer be a short walk from Laurelhurst Theater or the awesome park at da Vinci Middle School, but I will be much closer to the Wunderland nickel arcade/Avalon Theater and the awesome park at Sunnyside School.

    Some great reasons to help with this Bike Move:
  • I have some really cute building-mates.
  • The new house is FAB-U-LOUS.
  • Brian has lots of cool stuff to play with: 1950's Singer sewing machine, dual-proc zippy computer, many comics by Jhonen Vasquez (well, don't play with those so much as handle like they're original copies of the Biblical scrolls), a stunt kite, an archive of local bike scene paraphernalia.
  • There will be FREE STUFF.
  • You would meet Brian's PARENTS, who are in town coincidentally on a visit.

  • Juice and snacks before moving, we'll all go out to SE Belmont for a sit-down lunch afterwards. Oh yes, I've still got a bottle of wine from Jeff's wedding.

    Organic Brian's Move

    WHEN: Saturday, August 4th, Noon
    MEET AT: 2434 SE Ankeny St. #2
    DESTINATION: SE Salmon between 33rd and 34th

    (pictured Organic Brian and Norm)

    Bikini Bike Move

    Love the sun? Love to wear next-to-nothing (or nothing at all)? And drink libations? Let's move some stuff into my new house! Dress as scantily as you'd like and bring water toys if you have 'em. Snacks and beer before the move, and food and beer after.

    W00t! Thanks, you sexy cyclists!

    Date: Sunday, July 15th
    Time: Start packin' at 11:30am, depart at 12:30
    Meet-up location: 3633 N. Commercial Ave. (@ Beech)
    Moving to: 5301 NE 16th Ave. - a scant 2 miles away
    What needs moving: full-sized mattress and boxspring, tall bookshelves, heavy 4 ft. tall dresser, 5 bikes (including a tallbike), lotsa clothes, various boxes of books and random crap
    Map - Over View
    Theme: bikinis, hotpants, water guns, huzzah!
    Fuel: snacks and beer before, food and beer after; wearin' your swimsuit and biking is a reward in-and-of itself too, eh?
    Contact: Shawn

    Wes Kempfer's Movapalooza (or post-pedaloosum) Move by Bike

    Need relief from that post-pedalpaloosum depression? Try Movapalooza! We'll move that, whatever it is, and as well as some household items.

    Date: Saturday, June 30
    Starting time: 11:30 TMT
    Meet up location: 901 SW King Ave, #516
    Moving to: 4101 NE Sumner St

    There will be food at both ends of the route, of course, as well as beer and drinks at the end to celebrate.

    Contact: Wes
    Theme: Therapy for post-pedaloosum depression
    See the Map
    Ride Report:
    As are all bike moves, this one was bike fun. There were about 15 of us. We moved a couple of book cases, a small chest of drawers, house plants, boxes of books, CDs, LPs, an assortment of the usual household goods, a 2 drawer filing cabinet, 2 guitars, a mandolin, a small entertainment center (disassembled), a pair of back country skis, a couple of fishing poles, brewing supplies...OK maybe this is too much information--definitely too much stuff. Anyway, we moved all that stuff about 6.5 miles, through the Pearl, over the Broadway Bridge, up Williams, to NE Going, over to NE 33rd, to NE Skidmore, to NE 34, to NE Alberta Ct, to NE 41st, to my new home.

    Generally, things went smoothly along the route. We had a pedestrian help us cork traffic on NW 21st. Steve mentioned that might be a first. Drivers were nice along the way; everybody loves a bike move. We did seem to have a high incidence of bungee failure but nothing hit the pavement too hard or broke as a result. Oh yeah. We had a cow man! (See photos).

    We had Breakfast on the Bridge to thank for breakfast. Thank you Tami and Timo for bringing the leftover donuts and organic fruit. Once we got to my new home, we chilled in the shade with some pizza, wine, beer, lemonade, and conversation.

    Thank you everyone that helped on the move: Tom, Dan, Gustav, Steve, Kristi, Carye, Matt, Tall Steve, Jeff, Jill, Brad, Aaron, Tami, Timo, and Dr. Wasabi. Thank you all members of the Shift community for establishing and supporting what is now a Portland institution: MoveXBike.

    Here a few photos taken along the way:
    Movapalooza Photos
    The conclusion of this move seems like the end of personal journey. My relocation to Downtown almost two years ago was the result of a life transition. I guess it?s all one big transition though. On to the next adventure! Anyway, moving back out to the Eastside neighborhoods feels like returning home. Here are some pictures of the beginning of the trip (Mother of All Bike Moves, 10/2005) that I never seemed to make time to post until now:
    Move in 10/2005
    I have to say that I am so fortunate to have met such a wonderful group of folks.



    Sometimes the most radical thing you can do is stay where you are. -- Andy Singer

    Savannah's Cinco de Mayo Bike Move

    i am having a bike move on saturday, may 5th, 3pm from
    2327 SE Ankeny to a few blocks north of alberta.
    please join me with your bikes and trailers for a ride
    across town and a cinco de mayo fiesta (veggie food
    and drink).

    - Savannah

    Date - Saturday, May 5th, 2007
    Time - 3pm

    Meet-up location - 2327 SE Ankeny, Portland, OR
    Moving to - a few blocks N of Alberta, Portland, OR
    Theme - Cinco de Mayo
    Reward - veggie food and drink

    Alberta to St. Johns Bike Move

    Yes, it will be a long haul but the course is fairly flat and it is quite
    beautiful on the Overlook Ridge.

    I'm following Bruce and Carla to St. Johns. Bye-bye N.E. 18th & Wygant, hello
    N. Central at Tyler!


    Coffee, bagels, fruit and Portland's best donuts await you in the garden as
    we load up between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at 4803 N.E. 18th.

    Hit the road by for a lovely 6.66 ride due northwest.

    After unloading, shoot baskets and enjoy pizza, wine and beer in the new

    Have a trailer or extra bungee cords? Let's talk!

    Thank you Portland bikey town!

    Date - Sunday, May 20th, 2007
    Time - 11:30pm - 12:30pm for loading up

    Meet-up location - 4803 N.E. 18th, Portland, OR
    Moving to - N. Central at Tyler, Portland, OR
    Map - Over View (No we won't be biking on Interstate-5 !)
    Theme -
    Reward - shoot baskets and enjoy pizza, wine and beer!

    AaA:aAA to Alberta and Albina: an Alliterative Address

    after allocating an adequate aepoch at Ashlee and Associates' abode, an
    adventurous about-face approaching alternate accommodations ascends.
    aliments available apres activity, and ale also administered after advance
    accomplished. alliterative accessories applauded (author's aunt to accord
    alliterative adverts).

    (translation: after wiling away about 1 1/2 years at "the red door", home to
    backyard movie nights, a new neighborhood with fabulous new roommates
    beckons. we'll have tasty nibblins before the move and food accompanying
    tasty beverages at the end of our excursion, a refreshing way to celebrate a
    shared accomplishment. NOTE: it's going to be a longer bike move than some
    recent ones and a little uphill, but anyone with a backpack or trailer or
    baguette basket or sheer curiosity is welcome to come. grab a few
    coathangers or a spoon or two, and we can make a lovely winter stuff parade!)

    Commencement Clock: saturday, 13 january, 2007 @ 1:00pm

    Beginning Bearings: 4615 SE 28th Ave. apt.2, hedging Holgate

    Ascertained Area: Albina and Alberta, absolutely!

    Dress Details: down-like, drenchproof digs describing down-to-earthdimensions and deftness definitely de rigueur. deployable depots downright

    Contact Coordinates: Steph

    More Message:listserve

    Kirsty's Aquatic Move

    Thanks to a bunch of lovely folks for responding to my Move by Bike Query. It sounds like there are enough people who'd love to come and help, so it's on! Here are the details.

    Date - This Sunday, the 7th of January
    Time - we'll start loading up at Noon Sharp
    Where - at Kirsty's flat, 2086 NW Kearney Street, # 3 - that's the block of flats right on the corner NW 21st & Kearney St
    What to bring - your bike trailers, or bike panniers
    Moving to - SE 45th & Hawthorne
    What needs moving - a double bed, a bookcase, two small tables & chairs, & lots of boxes of clothes, books & other sundries
    Theme - Aquatic! It is Portland, and it is January, so it will probably rain. Let's just go with the flow (literally) and have an aquatic themed move. Think fish, mermaids, water bottles, nautical submarines, squeezy bathtub toys, splashy puddles, flippers, pirates on the salty seas, Bill Murray's red woolly hat...
    There will be doughnuts and coffee at the start, and a round at the Horse Brass for anyone interested at the end.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Thanks so much everybody! Kirsty x

    FEMA Move-By-Bike: From Disaster Area to NoPo in No Time Flat

    It's Time to move Ernie Wisner to Higher Ground!

    You know Ernie -- the guy who got hit by a car in May, during VBC, and has been recuperating in Portland. (He usually visits us by tadpole trike from Coos County, OR). Ernie has to move his minimal gear to new digs -- before he goes in for more surgery on his broken leg at the end of this week.

    Can We Do It? Can we perform an Emergency Move By Bike? There's not much furniture, so a few willing people would make all the difference. The best date is the afternoon of this Wednesday, Dec.13th.

    Ernie will provide libations and "low tide" chow, with fresh Oregon Coast oysters, and vegan option as well.

    Suggested dress: all-weather gear, water wings and white flags optional.

    Contact Matt Phillips for details. Let us know if you have an extra trailer to lend, or would like to borrow a trailer to fully express your emergency management capacity.


    Matt (on behalf of Erica and Ernie)

    Xmas Bike Carols

    All the madcap parodies on traditional Xmas songs with a Portland bike funnest flare.



    Planning Tips

    Consider your ridership:

    Will the ride be for family types or for the independently-natured? Give your riders some idea about the ride's behavioral tone.

    Dress code:

    Shift rides offer the out-of-the-ordinary because they are about a celebration
    versus a race or challenge. Therefore, you can suggest to riders a dress theme with which to express their enjoyment of being out and about on a bicycle. Go ahead. This crowd loves to get theatrical!

    Determine a start location:

    If it is not in the biker-hive of central Portland, then consider a place proximate to mass transit. And if it's winter...find someplace that's covered (and possibly warm and/or serving warm drinksólike a coffeehouse!)

    Plan a good route:

    Since most Shift rides are social rides, use a bike map to make for a safe, lei- surely route. Otherwise, note when you promote it that it will be a hell-raiser ride! If you think your ride is likely to be enormous, that can have its challenges, too. In general, the best routes are as flat as possible and will allow folks to safely ride 3+ abreast for considerable portions. If your ride doesn't return to the start point (few do), be sure to warn people at the start as some can find the whole not-a-loop concept frightening. It's wise to know what transit lines go near the endpoint of your ride in case folks are too tired or are having mechanical problems and can't ride back. Ride your route before leading it. You may think you know it...but you should ALWAYS ride the route first. Ride it with a large group in mind and, ideally, at the same time of day. You'd be surprised at some of the hitches you encounter. Also consider time: however long it takes for you to ride it solo, it will probably take up to twice as long with a group.

    Food and beverage:
    Strangely, people bond better when filling their faces in close proximity to one another. Not recommended to eat during the ride, but suggest a potluck with a food store stop along the route...and starting at an eating/drinking establishment is a tried and true method of getting folks fed and watered.

    An appropriate time:
    To assure your ride receives maximum ridership, avoid conflicts with other rides...except during Pedalpalooza where conflict is part of the fun. Just don't conflict with rides likely to draw a similar crowd.

    Get the word out:
    The best means of getting riders for your event is telling people about it in person. Having a handout really helps so people can remind themselves of your ride. Of course, put it on the Shift calendar and post reminders on the Shift list as well. ORBike,, and Craigslist are other good spots to post your ride.

    Will you have to ride through a parade? Will a street be closed for construction? Will it cross a drawbridge? Or train tracks where a long freight train may stop for 20 minutes? Try your best to think of potential obstacles and always make sure you've got a Plan B for potentially dicey parts of your plan.

    Leading Tips

    Be a leader: If you're leading a ride, make that clear. Step up at the start and take respon- sibility.

    Be prepared:Are you ready to fix a flat, get somebody hydrated, point them to the nearest bus, reroute your ride? Different rides require different things, but water, tools, a map, and a cell phone are never a bad idea. Cameras are good to bring, too.

    Delegate:You can't do everything. Put people to work. They'll like it and it'll help your ride. Assign a dependable photographer (either because they've got a camera or you're willing to trust them with yours). Get someone to count riders. Get people to cork troublesome intersections (by blocking cross traffic, allowing the ride to remain safely intact). If it's a big group, have someone take up the rear to help stragglers and keep the group together (known as "sweeping").

    Lay down the law:Anticipate and eliminate confusion by making potentially unclear things clear. Do you plan on being super-legal and stopping at all stop signs? Do you plan on going through a messy intersection that might need a little prepping? Do you have some things you want people to watch out for?

    Estimated departure: Chill-out. Whatever your specified time, leave fifteen minutes later for our less punctual friends. Shift rides are not a race so punctuality can, and is usually, forfeited. If you really want a ride at a certain time, list the ride starting time
    15-30 minutes earlier than you would want to leave (i.e. say the ride starts at 11:30am if you want to depart at noon)

    A feeling of rejection: Sometimes people just don't show up for a ride. It happens. When it happens, be glad of the effort you made, and know your bicycle will always bring you happiness. It's true, we creative bikers are a fickle bunch, yet we are compassionate. Do let the Shift list know your feelings were hurt. Then pick up your spirits, and offer the ride again another time.



    Repair kit including pump


    Cell Phone



    Locations of bike shops

    General idea of transit lines (a bus map would be handy)

    After The Ride

    Tell us about it. People love to hear about and see pictures of rides they were on... and rides they weren't on.Post pictures! Post ride recaps! Keep the dream alive!

    P.O. Box 6662
    Portland, OR 97228

    Or send us your ride recap and we'll post it on the Shift website.

    PP : Kick-off Dance Party

    This is the biggest event of Pedalpalooza. In 2006, we had about 700 people at the dance party and 500 riders for the Naked Ride. The number doubled each year for several years. Now we expect at least 5,000 riders ever year. The dance party is where we warm-up to and take-off (our clothes) to ride the streets of Portland. As an alternative, there is a Sunny Naked Ride, and even a (non-Pedalpalooza) 5K Bare Buns Fun Run.

    If you've never been on a naked ride before, see Your First Naked Ride. For links to the relevant laws, see The Law.

    The remainder of this page is intended mostly for the event organizing team, not for participants. If you want to help us organize it, scroll down to the "Organizers Needed" section.

    Top Priorities each Year

    Find a freakin' location! Bring people together so to volunteer to make Bike Fun a thang.

    Volunteers make it all happen

    Volunteers and volunteers only make the party and ride happen. Please take a look at the following positions and sign up for a two hour shift.

    Pre-Clean the Space: Spend some time the day before the event cleaning up the space. Show up anytime from noon 'till 6:00PM. Need 6 people.

    Day of Party Setup: The Day of the Party show up to party location between 2:00PM - 6:00PM and help set up stuff. There is a lot that needs to be done. Need 6 people.

    Info/Donation: On the Day of, show up and mingle throughout the party answering questions, answering questions as necessary, make people feel uncomfortable by taking pictures and asking people for donations. Mainly this is a fun job to mingle and talk with people. Need 6 people.

    Pit Crew: On the Day of, show up for shifts at the beginning part of the party to help those with any bicycle issues. This is to make sure peoples' bikes are safe to ride. When you go on the ride, have the tools, pump, and patches needed to help those whose bikes have mechanical issues. Here's your opportunity to be a hero! It is amazing how many bikes, every year, get "curbed" due to flats. Need a minimal of 4 people.

    Day After the Party : Spend some time on the afternoon of Sunday cleaning up the party location. Should take no more than 2 hours. Need 6 to 8 people.

    Promotion of the Party and Bike Ride

    - Make a flyer design
    - Promote the ride as much as possible

    Organizer Positions Needed!

    We need volunteer organizers to brain-storm, manage, and bring it all together. These people are extraordinary, powerhouses of energy, solid of commitment, enthusiastical about bicycling, and available to devote hours of time, patience, perservance, and generate well-springs of fun. (In other words, such individuals are higher-evolved beings, or at least advancing themselves to be so.)

    The following is a list of the main organizational tasks, and more-or-less what's involved in each task.

    Contact & Promotion

  • Update the Shift Pedalpalooza calendar
  • Monitor the dance party event's mini-forums on the calendar
  • Register the Portland events with the WNBR web site
  • Direct calls/messages to the appropriate co-organizers
  • Create flyers/posters and distribute them

  • Venue Location

  • Get Fire Marshall permit
  • Prep site by cleaning up a bit

  • Music Director

  • Line up bands and DJs
  • Identify any special PA needs and inform the stage crew

  • Stage

  • Secure a PA system
  • Secure lighting
  • Arrange for PA and lighting to be delivered & set up
  • Afterward, arrange for PA and lighting to be disassembled and returned

  • Food and beverage

  • Obtain donations of food
  • Arrange for water to be available

  • Decoration

  • Lead decoration volunteers on a walk-through of venue
  • Choose a decoration theme
  • Manage decoration volunteers

  • Clean up

  • Bring volunteers in the day after the event to clean up
  • Arrange for garbage removal and recycling

  • Security

  • Choose main entrance and where to check IDs, if needed
  • Decide how to mark people who've had their IDs inspected, if needed. If with wristbands, then get the wristbands
  • Manage security volunteers
  • Set up a secure place to store clothing (if storage is agreed upon by coordinators)

  • Bike Parking

  • Find a place to park 800+ bikes
  • If we need something to lock to, choose something. Arrange for its delivery and return
  • Arrange permits to close a street

  • Body Painting

  • Get supplies
  • Get volunteer body painters
  • Set up a body painting area (tarps, mirrors, chairs, a table)

  • Ride Leader

  • Monitor the naked ride mini-forum on the calendar
  • Recruit volunteer medics and mechanics to accompany the ride
  • Plan a route. Don't get too stressed about this; naked bikers ride wherever they want to ride anyway
  • Be that someone who, at 11:59, shouts "Now!" Then stand back to release the throngs of bike funnests.
  • Update information on the Pedalpalooza Calendar, and on the global World Naked Bike Ride web site (especially its Portland wiki page).

  • Other: we need these items

    Please volunteer to bring some of these vital items to the party:
    * Big and Bright Flash Light (also useful for corking):
    * Basic first aid kit

    Your First Naked Ride

    If youíre contemplating making this your first naked ride, you arenít alone! Portland's World Naked Bike Ride has been growing almost every year and there are hundreds of new participants annually. Last year [2011] we had around 4,200 riders, which was likely the biggest naked bike ride in the world. We're still hoping to eclipse the largest bike ride in Portland, the annual BridgePedal (at 19,000 riders in 2012, we have some work to do!). That means we want a lot of first-timers!

    For the descriptions of other people's experiences on their first naked ride, read the comments on

  • 2014 Count is coming soon

  • 2013 Report (8150 riders)

  • 2012 Report (4,200 riders)

  • 2011 Report and comments (4500 riders at the end of a cold wet day)

  • 2010 Report and comments (over 7000 riders)

  • 2009 Report and comments (5000 riders)

  • 2008 Report and comments (2000 riders)

  • 2007 Report and comments (800 riders)

  • 2006 Report and comments (450 riders)

  • 2005 Report (170 riders)

  • 2004, no report nor comments (125 riders)

  • In 2010, volunteers with clickers tried to count the crowd, and came up with counts varying from 8,000 to 13,000. From 2005 through 2009, the event had grown by 150% each year leading us to expect 12,500, so the counts seemed consistent. However, it was discovered later that the clickers weren't reliable when clicked quickly -- sometimes you click once and "11" gets added to the total. Our guess is that there were about 8,000 of us - still respectable growth, and clearly the largest naked ride in the world. But we probably haven't broken the 10,000 rider mark.

    In 2011, the weather during the day leading up to the ride was cold and wet. By the time the ride actually took place, the rain and stopped and the temperature was holding steady at about 58 degrees. Most years, the temperature during the ride is about 60 degrees, so the weather during the ride wasn't bad but a lot of would-be riders skipped the ride anyway. Weather was perfect in 2012 and we ended up with 4,200 riders--but we can do even better in 2013!

    What to Expect

    First, an important point of etiquette: Ride your bike to the starting location. Arriving by car with bikes stowed as cargo is a big faux pas. It violates the idea of oil-free sustainability that the ride is all about. If you live in the 'burbs, consider riding MAX ( ) part of the way. (The last MAX leaves Pioneer Courthouse Square at around 1:00am, and you'll probably want to have clothes on when you board, so plan ahead.) Or park at an urban friend's house and ride from there in a group.

    You should bring a little food, a little non-alcoholic drink, and something to carry your clothes in. Alcohol is not allowed at or around the meetup spot! Riding drunk is never a good idea anyway, especially among 10,000 other rowdy naked cyclists (some of whom probably aren't used to riding in groups).

    When you arrive at the starting point, it will be a scene of happy disarray. Scattered music, general friendliness. Most folks will be wearing clothes at first, until they get a handle on what the scene is like. Youíll gradually see more skin as people loose their shirts for bodypaint. (There is no formal bodypainting area, but its likely that somebody will show up with some to share. Whomever does bring bodypaint is likely to be swamped, so donít wait until 9:45pm to get painted.)

    Around 9:55pm the announcement is made that itís almost time to ride. We strip down and stuff our clothes into a backpack/fannypack/pannier/saddlebag to take with us. There will also be a "tie down" area to help you secure clothes to your bike, but again remember they'll be overwhelmed in those final minutes. (By the way, backpacks and bodypaint are natural enemies -- don't mix them!) Then we get on our bikes, and wait for the rest of the crowd. There will be a countdown so we can all start en masse. Itís often cold at night, but you wonít feel it for long once bodies start moving.

    Crowds will roar their approval. High-fives will spring forth from by-standers. We may gain a few extra naked riders along the way. It's absolutely amazing.

    A note about the adrenaline rush - it can also make you want to ride fast. Resist that urge. Not everybody has a fast bike, or fast legs. And even some who do will want to savor the experience slowly. This isn't a race, folks! We want to stay together as best we can.

    Historically, we buzz the bars downtown and the inner east side as far as 39th Ave/Chavez. The Portland Police will be corking traffic for us. If you see a traffic cop extending his palm out, he is not inviting you to give him a high-five. He's trying to encourage you to ride a little closer to the center of the road, so he has room to work safely.

    Eventually we return to the starting point. What happens then is... undecided. In the past, the ride coincided with the Pedalpalooza Kickoff Dance Party, but there will be no on-site afterparty this year. Most likely a lot of people will hang out naked for a while, congratulating each other and telling stories. There will likely be dancing by portable sound systems.

    There will be afterparties! Maybe some official after parties will be located near the starting/ending point of the ride & unofficial parties are scattered around town. There will be flyers distributed at the starting point listing all of the afterparties.

    Please do not ride blitz-drunk. The police can arrest you for that, and even if they don't its just a stupid thing to do.

    You will be riding at your own risk. You have been forewarned. Also, watch where you're going. Many riders won't be used to riding in a large group. If you then add onlookers jumping into the street to high-five us, and railroad tracks, and (let's face it) some drunk cyclists, this can be a dangerous ride. There are vast opportunities for doing stupid things. Be careful. Be sober.

    About Nudity

    "Nudity -- it isn't just for sex anymore."

    If you think you're going to an orgy, then you're going to be very very disappointed. We're using nudity as a way to draw attention to cycling, and the folly of oil dependency. We hope motorists will begin to suspect cyclists have more fun, and hence maybe they don't need their cars as much as they thought. See the WNBR ( ) web site for more socio-political propaganda.

    It's also good, goofy fun.

    There are rules at the starting/ending location. The organizers' mantra is "Safe, Comfortable, and Fun," so anybody at the starting/ending location who makes other participants feel unsafe or uncomfortable will be asked to leave. The use of cameras is not allowed at the starting/ending location, with the exception of sanctioned film crews who'll be following strict rules.
    The ride itself has no rules since it takes place on public streets, outside of our control. That's why it's important for riders to take care of each other.

    About Your Bike

    Ride the bike you have. Don't obsess over the hardware; any bike will work.

    If you have multiple bikes (and aren't loaning out the extras to friends) then I'd recommend a fat-tire mountain bike or cruiser over a superskinny-tire road bike. This is because fat tires are less likely to get a flat, or slip on railroad tracks or a steel grate bridge. But really any bike will probably work just fine.

    You should bring a spare tube. If your bike doesn't have quick-release skewers, then you should also bring wrenches that fit your bike's lug nuts. If convenient, you should also bring a pump and tire levers, though you could probably borrow those from another rider in an emergency.

    Legally, your bike must have a white headlight in front, and a red reflector or red light in the rear. This is important! The police won't hassle thousands of riders, but if you're the only one who fails to obey this simple law then maybe they'll focus all their attention on you. Besides, it'll probably still be dark out when you ride home afterward, and you'll want to be visible then for safety's sake.

    Many people decorate their bikes. There won't be any decoration supplies at the starting point, but the (scheduled for thursday June 6) usually has that sort of thing. Think of this as another reason to do more bike fun than just this naked ride.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much should I strip down? The dress code is officially "As bare as you dare." Guys typically wear shoes and maybe a helmet. For women there is no consensus -- shoes and a helmet make some happy, while others add some combination of a bra, panties, and/or stockings. Strip down to whatever level will maximize your fun. We wouldn't presume to tell you what that level is.

    What if I fall behind or get lost? This isn't a race, so nobody wants to leave you behind. We may stretch into smaller groups, but even if you end up in a group of 20 instead of a group of 3000, you'll feel safe. Really, you'll be okay. We take care of each other. Besides, the police are blocking traffic for us. Even if you end up alone, you won't get arrested. If you are alone, stick to well-lit streets and obey traffic laws.

    What if I get a flat tire? There will be some bike mechanics along the ride. You can also expect other cyclists to help. But self-sufficiency is the only thing you can actually plan on, so I suggest that you bring a pump and a spare tube. Weíll never be more than a couple of miles from the start/end location, so first just re-inflate the tire and continue on in the hope that your leak is a slow one. If you must change your tube, change it with the expectation that the naked horde will continue cycling past you for a long, long time. Even if we try to stay in a tight group, a peloton of 10000 riders would be about three miles long.

    What if I fall? Injuries are rare. We'll try to have medics riding along to patch you up, or call 911 if something really bad happens but you might want to bring your own cell phone just in case. By the way, the most common reasons for falling are hitting potholes, getting caught in the train/MAX/streetcar tracks, and collisions with other cyclists. Watch where youíre going!

    Won't I get cold? Yes. You'll start off cold because at the start of the ride we stand around waiting for the stragglers to get ready, so we can all leave together. But we'll warm up once we start. After that, I promise you won't feel cold, you'll just feel a rush. Typically we get a temperature around 60 degrees with light wind.

    What can I do to stay warm? Wearing shoes and a helmet help. Big socks. Arm warmers (old socks with the toes snipped off). Maybe a Superman cape. Sadly, I haven't figured out a way to use those chemical hand warmers while naked, though they sound like they'd be great.

    Isn't this illegal? The city of Portland wishes it was. See The Law. Since this is a protest, it's protected by Oregon's constitution.

    What if I see a cop? Say "Thank you!" They're corking the streets for us. If you see a cop holding out his palm, he is not inviting you to give him a high-five; he's just trying to encourage cyclists to leave him a little more room to work. Running into helpful policemen is not nice!

    Can I participate without a bike? We've had skateboarders, rollerbladers, guys on scooters, and joggers join us before. Anything human-powered is welcome.

    The Law

    Disclaimer: We're not lawyers. This page is to share the laws with you so you can make your own interpretations. We also outline what we've gathered from our experiences.

    "Public nudity" is legal in Oregon, with a few obvious exceptions. See ORS 163.465. However, Portland has adopted a stricter "indecent exposure" law, 14A.40.030, which overrides Oregon's "public nudity" law within Portland city limits. Basically, if you're in a visibly turgid state, or are otherwise notably "indecent," you may be committing a crime.

    In 2008, Judge Jerome LaBarre of Portland, Oregon ruled that riding naked is a legally protected form of free speech. This ruling came about after a cyclist was arrested for riding naked on Alberta Street in Portland during a Last Thursday event in June (not during the WNBR). Although he bore no painted slogans and was not handing out leaflets, the judge dismissed the case because riding naked is "A 'well-established tradition' in Portland, and understood as a form of 'symbolic protest'." See the story on or

    Therefore, it is highly unlikely you will be cited for public nudity on the World Naked Bike Ride, but you can still be cited or arrested for other crimes such as disturbing the peace or obstructing traffic.

    The Portland Police Bureau are allies of the World Naked Bike Ride. They are there to help the ride go smoothly. They won't hassle you unless you do something in addition to riding naked to call attention to yourself. You should obey traffic laws, not ride while intoxicated, have a white headlight, a red tail light or reflector, and otherwise not be a jerk. Putting it another way: If you get arrested for anything, it probably won't be for indecent exposure. They'll probably call it disturbing the peace or obstructing traffic. But if you're just riding naked, you're probably safe.

    Neither Shift nor the event organizers are responsible for anything you do. You are. Riding naked in Portland is legal. Please respect the ride, other riders, the Police and yourself. This is officially a "bare as you dare" ride, so make your own choice about how naked you want to be. If you want to blow through a red light, or otherwise do something illegal, that is also your choice and your risk. We can't stop you. (Although various entities like, say, a big truck *can* stop you, and that might not be entirely comfortable.)

    Advice from the 2010 Party

    NOTE: This entire page was written for the 2010 naked ride, not the 2011 ride. Most of the rationale holds true again this year[2011], but the specific dates are different and some of the wording might be confusing if you didn't know this was about last year's ride. There are many changes, with reasons, for this year [2011]. So read on, O Curious Cyclist! Activating the WayBack machine... now!

    It is on the middle Saturday of Pedalpalooza, not the first Saturday.

    The naked ride has traditionally been held on the first Saturday during Pedalpalooza. This year, that would be June 12. Unfortunately, that's also the day of the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade. Every traffic cop in the city will start working at 2:00am that day. The naked ride has grown so large that we need police corking the route for us but if we followed our tradition then all of the cops on our route would be working 24 hours straight. That's too much to ask.

    So we looked at other days. We wanted to keep it on a Saturday because there's also a daytime naked ride, and riding naked on a weekday afternoon just seemed awkward. Saturday June 5 was out because it is the same night as the Rose Festival Starlight Parade. That pretty much leaves June 19 as the only option.

    We also looked at moving the dates of Pedalpalooza. Shifting Pedalpalooza one week later, so June 19 was the first Saturday, causes problems because the Multnomah County Bike Fair (on the last Saturday of Pedalpalooza) would occur during the July 4 weekend.

    So we're stuck with a naked ride on the middle weekend.

    UPDATE: After we settled on June 19 for the WNBR date, the organizer of the Daytime WNBR chose to hold that event on the 12th anyway (which should be interesting because the parade will be ending around that time). Also, MCBF might move to Sunday June 27. Maybe, maybe not. But we're committed to the 19th for the big naked ride.

    We aren't organizing a big dance party at the starting point.

    In previous years, the naked ride has always coincided with the Pedalpalooza Kickoff Dance Party. It seems silly to have a Kickoff Dance Party in the middle of Pedalpalooza though.

    Also, the dance party always consumes 90% of the effort. As the crowds became huge, the organizational effort also became huge, and we just can't do it anymore. Even 10% (okay 25% -- there was some overlap of effort) for the ride itself is a strain.

    It has become clear that most people come for the ride, not the party. Many people who came last year thought the street scene was the party. So be it!

    Another consideration is that Portland has very few venues big enough to hold a party for 12,500 people -- especially when you can't afford to pay for it. By skipping the party, we can make the starting location be outdoors, which should simplify our venue search considerably.

    Afterparties will be thrown by other groups and bars.

    We won't be throwing a party, but we still want to party! We need to be in one place to start the ride in a cohesive way, but after that there's no reason we can't scatter. In fact, the Portland Police would prefer that we scattered afterward; that way they can forget about us and get back to business as usual. Having many afterparties gives us a reason to scatter.

    The ride starts at 10pm, not midnight.

    For afterparties to work, the ride needs to finish well before "last call". If we start it at 10pm, then the afterparties should be starting up around midnight, which works out pretty well.

    We won't be selling beer.

    The beer sales have always been a fundraiser for the party. If there is no party, then we don't need the fundraiser. So we can avoid the whole OLCC permitting process, hooray!

    It also means we aren't responsible for keeping people sober, so you can bring your own beer. Though, be advised, this is not an invitation to be inordinately drunk! It's dangerous enough riding naked with thousands of inexperienced cyclists, as by-standers from the curb rush out to cheer and give high-fives. We don't need drunk cyclists added to the mix. All we're saying is that we are not legally obligated to exclude outside alcohol this year.

    PP : Multnomah County Bike Fair

    Multnomah County Bike Fair
    ← takes place in beautiful Portland, Oregon usually as the finale of Pedalpalooza.

    Where we'll be...

    ...usually at Colonel Summers Park (SE Belmont St & SE 20th).

    How to Get there

    map, via TriMet, or find a bike route

    We need volunteers!

    To keep the MCBF rockin' all day long, we need volunteers. Volunteer shifts are 4 hours long or less, and give you the opportunity to meet others in the bicycling community, as well as support the premiere bike fair in the world.

    MCBF 6 Main Stage

    Call for Contenders
    The main stage opens at 2:00pm and the entertainment runs 'til we shut it down (7:00ish). Live music, live beer, and a live audience. The main stage is all about participation, competition, and antics. Show off your bike dance troupe or run a competition. You propose it and we'll pencil you in.

    Rides, props, mallets, and lances are BYO but there's typically plenty on hand.

    The sign-up is for events and shows only! Individuals wishing to take part in the mayhem will have a chance to sign up on the day of.

    If you're interested in getting your group on the stage or organizing a challenge bracket, contact Dr. Benjamin.

    2008 MCBF : Main Stage

    2007 main stage schedule

    Past Organizers

    Noting just some of the known organizers (more to be added) who put their energies and talents into making MCBF what it was, and mayhaps be again...

    Recruitment  |  Lillian Karabaic
    Volunteers Coordinator  |  Steph Routh
    Events/Mayhem  |  Benjamin Doyle
    Music  |  Timo Forsberg
    Beer  |  Scott Nowicki
    Food  |  John Dovydenas
    Vendors/Clubhouses/Booths  |  Teague Douglas
    Jefe  |  Kiran Limaye   Carl Larson
    Item Storage  |  Brian Scrivner   Ken Southerland

    Ride Recap In+FORM_all

    (Created by Shawn Granton & Carl Larson, and also paraphrasing Thom Wilburn)

    Below the ride report form you'll find the text of a little "Ride_Leader_Primer," which is also available in print-ready form. Even if you've led a ride before, take a moment to read through this handy guide. There are some good tips.

    Best of luck with your rides. I'll see you on the streets. -Carl

    Suggested Form

    Name of Ride:



    Start time:


    Approx. Distance:

    Number of riders:

    Synopsis of ride:

    High points:

    Low points:

    Would you do it again? If so, What would you change?

    PP : Ride Recaps 2008


    Biz : Calendar

    Shift has a new calendar (as of 06 February 2008) located here. Many a thanks goes to the coding labors of "tallsteve." Thank You, Steve for this great bike event coordinator! :)

    The calendar is derived from the Pedalpalooza calendar software of the last couple of years, so it inherits a lot of features from that. I extended it to support any day instead of just the Pedalpalooza days. I also gave it the ability to understand repeating dates such as "Sundays", "Second Friday of every month", "February 8-10" and so on. It also supports venue lookup, and converting addresses to a consistent format.

    Inherited Features

    This year-round calendar inherits a lot of nice features from the Pedalpalooza calendar.

  • People can directly add, edit, or cancel their own events.

  • Events can be marked for their audience: Family Friendly, General, or 21+ Only.

  • Each event can have an graphic image. This helps make the calendar listings look more interesting.

  • Clicking on an event's address will plot that address on
  • Each event has its own mini-forum.

  • You can have a separate description for printed versions of the calendar.

  • You can control which contact information gets printed or shown online.

  • Multiple Views

    This calendar supports multiple ways to view the same data. The data is stored on Shift's own account website so we can write any PHP pages we want, to access and present the information in any way we want. So far, I've implemented the following views:

  • A rolling 3-week view which I expect to be the main way people look at the "current" calendar.

  • A monthly view defaults to showing the current month, but it has buttons for moving to other months.

  • A separate Pedalpalooza view which shows June 12-28, 2008.

  • An embeddable "Today and Tomorrow" view which I plan to include in Shift's main page.

  • An RSS feed which lists today's and tomorrow's events.

  • Event Submission Forms

    This uses an event submission form similar to the earlier Pedalpalooza forms. It goes a bit further by offering three ways to view the event submission page:
  • A "long form" which shows everything and lets you enter complex dates.
  • A "short form" which hides many of the less commonly used fields and only lets you choose a single date within the next 45 days.
  • A "Pedalpalooza form" which is similar to the long form but it only allows you to choose a single day within Pedalpalooza.

  • You can jump between event forms simply by clicking buttons at the top of the form. No information is lost when you do this, and it's just about instantaneous.

    Address Validation

    Like the Pedalpalooza calendar before it, this calendar tries to validate addresses via the web site. It improves the address checking in two ways though.
    First, it has a separate input field for the venue name. In the earlier Pedalpalooza calendar, people would sometimes put the venue name in the address field, which would prevent from finding the address. This calendar also maintains a list of known venues; if you type in a known venue then it'll retrieve the address and stuff it into the address field for you. This lookup tries to be forgiving about differences in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. For example, it's smart enough to know that "roccos" means "Rocco's Pizza", and it will fill in the address as "949 SW Oak St, Portland".
    Second, if the address is valid it will also convert the address to its "canonical" form. Basically this means it handles capitalization for you, and adds "Ave" or "St" when appropriate. For example, if you type in "10th and clay", it will convert that to "SE 10th Ave and Clay St".

    There is also an experimental link to TriMet's trip planner. This has some problems. The biggest problem is that TriMet's trip planner isn't all that good at parsing addresses; you'll often need to interactively select the real destination from a list. Another problem is that the form defaults to using a "Depart by" date/time, when we really want an "Arrive by" date/time; you'll need to clicked the "Arrive by" radio button yourself. Hopefully these problems will get worked out.

    Multi-day events

    The "long form" of event submission allows you to type in any date string. It's meant to be intuitive, but there's also a "More about dates" link to explain it in detail. You can type in a single date such as "Feb 8",
    or a span of days such as "feb 14-19" or "feb 29 - mar 5", or a more complex expression for scattered days such as "first and third wednesdays except in june".

    There are usually many ways to enter dates. For consistency's sake, the calendar will convert whatever you type in into a canonical form. For example, if you type in "feb 8" it will convert that to "Friday, February 8".

    When booking multiple days, the event submission form will list each individual date (for as much as a year in the future) and allow you to control whether each date is truly added.

    Later, when editing an existing event, each day of the event is also listed separately. You can cancel them individually, give each one a separate "newsflash", or make some dates be exceptions. When you change a specific date to be an exception, the calendar will create a separate special event just for that day, and it won't show your normal event on that day. You can then edit the special event any way you want -- change the time, the meeting place, the description, even the date.

    For multi-day events, the calendar listing will include the description of the dates after the time. For example, the entry for the Shift business meeting will show "6:00pm, First Wednesday of every month" instead of just "6:00pm" as it would for a single-day event.

    Administrator pages

    There's an administrator's page. If you aren't logged in as the administrator, then it'll prompt you for a userid and password. Once you're logged in, the page will list several links to useful pages.

    One of the most basic things you can do as an administrator is look at the calendar. When the administrator looks at the calendar, each event has an [Edit] button added to it, which allows the administrator to edit or cancel any event. In earlier Pedalpalooza calendars, there was a page that listed all events; you can do that with 2+ weeks of bike fun, but it's impractical for a whole year of bike fun so I did the [Edit] button thing instead.

    Another administrator's page lists the known venues. The administrator can edit the items, or delete them. Also, each event can be "locked" to prevent it from being modified later as people submit events using the
    known venue names. My thinking here is, if you go to the trouble to find out that FreeGeek is located at 1731 SE 10th Ave, then you probably don't want somebody else changing it.

    I also intend to implement (but haven't yet) pages for importing events from other sources -- RSS feeds, iCal data, what have you.

    Biz : B on B

    This section is for coordinating and organizing Breakfast on the Bridges. For general info on BonB and how to get involved, please visit the Breakfast on the Bridges section.

    BonB Mailing List

    BonB's primary mode of communication and collaboration is through the BonB Listserve. This is, by far, the best way to get in contact with other BonBers to ask questions, make plans, or offer help and ideas.

  • List Info
  • Subscribe
  • Archive

  • As with any mailing list, please keep messages on topic and try not to flood everyone's inbox. Filtering incoming mail to a specific folder is always a good idea.


    We're implementing an online/collaborative spreadsheet to assist BonBers with coordination. Anyone can view this document, while collaborators may edit and update it. All that is needed is a Google account. Note that some browsers may not properly display the content, though it will display successfully with an up-to-date Chrome browser (Google's own development).

    Again, to access the BonB spreadsheet, you'll need to have a Google account, as well as be logged in to that account.


    To set up a Google account you'll use an e-mail address of yours, then follow these steps (I swear it's quick and painless):

    1. From the Google Spreadsheet welcome page, follow the link to Create a Google Account. Or start with a New Account.

    2. Fill in your current e-mail address and choose a password. This step could be summed up with: Read the directions. You'll also have to fill in one of those silly squiggly image verification thingies.

    3. Accept the terms of service and create your account by clicking the button at the bottom.

    4. Check your e-mail. You should get a verification message from Google. In it there's a link. Click it.

    5. You should see a page confirming your registration and inviting you to manage your account.

    6. Now that you're logged in to Google, try to access the spreadsheet by clicking here.

    7. You'll get a page asking for more info. They don't really want more info, they just want to confirm that you wish to view the spreadsheet. Click Continue.

    8. Now you should be able to see the spreadsheet. Congratulations!


    Anyone may view the spreadsheet as long as they've registered an account with Google. Only invited users may make changes (ie: collaborate, add/edit/update). It's easy for collaborators to sign themselves up for duties, report inventory they might be holding, or make changes to information and dates.

    If you'd like to have access to make changes to the spreadsheet, request it on the mailing list. An invitation to collaborate will be sent to the e-mail address you use on the mailing list. If you'd like the invitation sent to a different e-mail address, please note the address in your request.

    Donation Pick-ups

    DonorItemWhenWhereDonor ContactBonB Liason
    Black Sheep Bakerypastries (day-old)by 3pm Thursday833 SE Main Street???Elly
    Red Wing Coffee & Bakingcoffee, pastries???1700 Se 6th Ave???Robert
    Voodoo Donutday old donuts with purchasecall (503) 241-4704 to set up the order22 SW 3rd AveRobinBenjamin


    Timo aka:Cap'n_PastryBroadwayBonB superhero. Runs on Timo time.
    BenjaminBroadwaySends obnoxious reminders before every BonB. Tries to automate BonB through online spreadsheet and wiki sites (what ever happened to face time?). Likes to brew coffee. Avoids soliciting donations. Acts like a morning person- gets to the bridge by 7:10. Resources: trailer, more coffee apparatuses than a sane person should own. Also good for: silly website and technical tasks.

    Biz : Documents

    All forms and docs related to Shift's Organizational Biz is found here. No longer is there some back-water channel you have to trawl in order to find 'em.

    SHIFT logo

    SHIFT holiday greeting card

    SHIFT letterhead logo

    SHIFT Letterhead
    Budget example for 2003-04
    Steering Committee manifest
    Meeting Notes - Archival 2007-13

    Shop : Body Wear

    SHIFT jersey

    SHIFT Jerseys are now selling for $30 US dollars [circa 2006]. Cash only will be accepted. The twenty-five will in part be donated to SHIFT and also the Oregon MS Society. For further details [circa 2006], contact Dat.

    Shop : Bike Rack Rental

    Shift has built some easily-transportable bike racks which we'd love to rent to your group for your event where you'd like to accommodate parking for up to a hundred bikes!

    The racks consist of lightweight tubing which is intuitive and simple to assemble and disassemble; the collapsed racks are one bundle of 11' tubing that is about 1.5' in diameter and weighs around 50 pounds, and one bundle of 3.5' tubing that is about 2' in diameter.

    When assembled, you get 110' of bike parking in 11 "large sawhorse" shapes, each suitable to holding around 15 bikes (if you valet park judiciously); each segment holds at least 10 bikes placed haphazardly (ie let people park themselves without instruction).

    Below is 1/11th of the bike parking setup demonstrating some different placement methods--the seat hang, the underwheel tuck, and the lean:

    Shift bike racks

    I've got some higher resolution pictures you can see if you email please also direct any questions in that direction--i'm happy to help!

    Racks are rentable by the day (typically we let you have them all weekend or with a day on each side to make pick-up or drop-off easier):
  • $150 we deliver to your event
  • $50 you pick-up and return to NoPo near peninsula park

  • Shop : Stickers

    Hey look! New sticker designs!

    Stickers 1

    Stickers 2

    Biz : Stuff Shift Owns

    Shift has a lot of stuff for a quasi-anarchic organization with no distinct physical presence. This is an attempt to keep track of all the stuff that "belongs" to Shift and where it lives, so that in 5 years when someone wants the cash box or the signage from the 2011 WNBR, it can be found.

    MCBF Stuff

  • Gateway wheel-arch -- last seen with Organic Brian
  • Water bottles?

  • WNBR Stuff

  • Art supplies @ fool's
  • Plywood signs @ fool's
  • Some marshall sashes @ fool's

  • Archives from last 2 years of google groups chatter:

  • 2011
  • 2010

  • General Stuff

  • 2 big flashlights with batteries @ fool's
  • Cash box @ fool's
  • Bike racks @ fool's
  • Fool needs to go thru rest of shift pile @ fool's
  • Petty cash at top secret location (known to steph/emily/fool)
  • Archive of the Meeting Notes
  • letterhead & logo

  • Visitor Information

    This section is a collection of information which should be useful to out-of-town visitors. Specifically, it is intended for visitors who are coming to Portland for bike fun. Visit our Calendar for bike fun get-togethers.

    When to Come

    Pedalpalooza is held in June of each year - it is our largest grouping of bike fun events. Of course this town is filled with bike fun happenings year round too, though Pedalpalooza is our the busiest with 3+ weeks in the bike fun world.

    Then there's our World Naked Bike Ride - Portland's is one of the world's largest, and has been growing by 150% per year. In closing each Pedalpalooza we give one last finale with the Multnomah County Bike Fair.

    Transporting Your Bike

    Well... You could always ride it. If that doesn't work for you, here are some links...
  • Taking your bicycle on Amtrak. This is probably the cheapest and most fun way to get you and your bike to the festivities. Amtrak even goes up to Vancouver BC now!
  • Ibike made this guide to flying with your bike. Rumor has it that flying with "bicycle parts" is way cheaper than flying with a dissembled bicycle (wink, wink)
  • PDX bike facilities-If you do want to fly to PDX with your bike, check out PDX's bike facilities which include a bike assembly station and tools that you can check out from the Travel Oregon kiosk
  • Here's a guide on how to ship your bike, but... you know, probably not an awesome idea considering you could just rent or borrow one once you're here.

  • Bike Shops

    There's a nice full list shown by quadrant. Here's a listing alphabetically sorted.

    Bike Rentals

    Many bike shops rent bikes in Portland. Here are some specific ones to consider:

    Cycle Portland Portland Bike Tours and Rentals 117 NW 2nd Ave. Portland, Oregon 97209
    Welcome to Portland! We are here to get you riding and have a large fleet of rental bikes to choose from, starting at $5 per hour/ $20 per day or $80 per week. Located right downtown near the train station, bus transit mall, and Old Town light rail station we have the best rates in town and all rentals include free helmets, locks, lights, maps and anything else you need to enjoy your ride. Check out our website for full pricing info! or call (503) 360-6815

    Citybikes Cooperative
    Clever Cycles
    Waterfront Bicycles

    Bike Maps

    Shift's calendar has map links featuring routes specifically for bicyclists. Other online options include Trimet Open Trip Planner and

    For printed maps, there are several choices:

    Metro's Bike There! map is the local favorite, is printed on waterproof stock, and costs $9.00. Most local bike shop carry it; most chain stores don't.
    Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) offers a range of maps *for free*, including Portland citywide, and more detailed maps of each of Portland's 5 quadrants(N, NW, SW, SE, & NE).
    Click this link to order maps to be mailed to you.

    PBOT offers a series of maps for recreational cycling in the area surrounding Portland. Download these and print them yourself.
    PBOT also maintains a List of bike maps issued by cities & counties around Portland.

    Generic Visitor Information

    Check the Travel Portland website for the usual visitor spiel. Nearly half the graphics in the "What's Going On?" column feature bicycles!
    You might also check out PDX Pipeline for other events while you're here.
    If you want to see some Portland neighborhoods on your own click this link for for a variety of routes around the city, from flat to hilly, short to long.
    The City of Portland has collected some interesting information in their Recreational Cycling page.

    Bicyclist Education for Portland, Oregon

    While this section offers up enough do's and don'ts to nearly make one lose interest in the *Bike Fun* aspect SHIFT so engenders, it is noteworthy to realize that everything comes down to having awareness. Being aware -- of your surroundings, your bike's condition, and your own body -- will get you through to arrive for another *Bike Fun* gathering. With that said, here's some info to further your bicycling education.

    Printed Material

  • Oregon DMV has an illustrated guide, the Bicyclist Manual describing your legal rights and responsibilities as a bicyclist. (A PDF available to download from the site.)

  • Guide to Your Ride, a manual put out by Transportation Options. It covers basics of riding clothes and gear, bike maintenance, and bicycling skills and safety. (PDF available to download from this site.) Options also has a series of bicycle maps, which all contain a brief outline of basic riding skills like signaling and lane use.

  • Art of Urban Cycling, Robert Hurst from Powells, Amazon. or from the Multnomah County Library.

  • Tips, Advice, and Bike Law

  • 10 Ways to Avoid Getting Hit by Cars

  • 10 Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Cycling

  • Bicycling Street Smarts

  • Pedal Power, Ray Thomas's Guide to Bike Law in Oregon
  • Intro to Vehicular Cycling

  • The Roads We Have

  • Bike Lanes VS Wide Outside Lanes

  • Classes

  • League of American Bicyclist certified bicycle skills classes. Group classes in Washington County, taught by Hal Ballard Course Detail

  • Bicycle Transportation Alliance Commuter 101 classes (presented by BTA, various locations and dates) Class description and upcoming schedule

  • City of Portland Transportation Options program, "Portland By Cycle" & "Women on Bikes" offers rides and classes for adults new to cycling or looking to increase their skills for late Spring and Summer. See the Website for more information.

  • Classes for Motorcycles, being a two-wheeled cousin, yield knowledge and skills too PCC Class "I really recommend the Motorcycle Safety BRS, it's an awesome course and the skills I learned definitely helped a great deal with defensive bicycling skills, i.e. I'm not sure how I got around safely before that class." -- anonymous

  • Bike Empowered classes. This has just started up, and not much information is available yet. Brian offers classes on bicycle commuting and more sporty training, as well as on group riding, bike maintenance, and wheel truing skills. He can be contacted at 503.975.2391 or bikempowered at yahoo dot com.

  • Computer games as instructionals. Spacial awareness, honed response times, and primed readiness are what many simulation games bring to one's biking skills, not to mention a safe practice ground. Do not underestimate this valuable resource. "Motorcross Maddness surprisingly gave me the physics for better cornering with my bicycle or a greater understanding of balance and how much my tire can grip the ground before slipping." -- anonymous

  • Resources for Motorists

  • Tips for sharing the road with cyclists in Oregon

  • The BTA's tips for drivers