Add a Bike Ride Idea

Ricky & Morty ride. Or Kraftwerk. -- suggested by N

1960s psychedelic ride -- suggested by anonymous

Dad Bod Ride on Fathers Day -- suggested by Random guy

Bikers carry bags of candy and throw them at pedestrians while reading poetry and flying kites. -- suggested by Wanda

a sub-ride during the WNBR, called BEARS AND BUSHES, where we celebrate the natural body hair that grows on all humans, male and female, that sadly is endangered by our culture`s current obsession with hairlessness. Be proud of your mammalian heritage! -- suggested by Hairy Bear

Non-canine pet ride. Bring your cat, canary, iguana, pet rock, little brother in a cage, etc. -- suggested by JEE

Bring back the Simpsons Bike Ride! -- suggested by Bill

Nyan cat ride. -- suggested by Dingo

I will be leading a Fury Road ride in Pedalpalooza 2016. WE ARE NOT THINGS. -- suggested by Lizbonator Furiosa

Rococo: powdered wigs, white face, corsets, ruffles, cupcakes, tea - Marie Antoinette style. -- suggested by M

beyonce ride. -- suggested by queen bee

Polka Dots vs. Stripes ride. an Easy vs. ride (who doesnt own stripes or dots?) that segregates at the start point, then rides in unison. photo ops of weirdness and camaraderie. -- suggested by Haver of Both

The big lebowski ride last year was awesome! -- suggested by Lebowski

another ride like the Little Free Library ride, only in SE Portland, and looking at the BookCrossing model. You don't need a specific designated little library - you can leave books anywhere you think they'll be found. -- suggested by Wendy

we need more members, more rides, more bikey fun at church of the tall bike. regular bikes accepted, tall bikes upcycled. -- suggested by tbj

we need more members, more rides, more bikey fun @ church of the tall bike. regular bikes accepted, tall bikes upcycled. -- suggested by tbj

Crazy costumed kick off ride and dance party in Ladd's circle? -- suggested by Sean [Stumptown Events]

everyone that rides a bike,or even add any alt transportation, rents, borrow, uses their own, or whatever means you have to get a car and drive to work. This is not to be spiteful, but really show the city what it would look like if everyone drove. -- suggested by Lauren Shumaker

PedalPalooza 2013, Dan and Bruce's Boom Box Ride. From 1 watt to 200 watt, Close and Plays welcome. Saturday night, Starts at 6pm, Colonel Summers Park. Come one come all. -- suggested by Dan

Sunnyside/Laurelhurst City Loop 2 Lap Fixed Gear Criterium - -- suggested by Jolly Dodger

Pirates and Steampunk bike ride -- suggested by Melissa (Trubble) Trotter onewheeledchariot.html Thank you! -- suggested by Darin Selby

Some kind of indication (Flashing like the forum button) on the online calendar that a ride has been added or changed after the paper edition has come out ;) -- suggested by Diablo

Trike ride all trikes welcome from granny to cargo to recumbent racers. Anyone intertested, best time? -- suggested by Tryke

A 'Grimm' points-of-interest Ride ! -- suggested by teo Raab

Simpsons Ride! Had a blast on it last year ;) -- suggested by Diablo

Noticed that someone proposed: "Got Bluffed Ride" Ride the crest of Mocks Bottom along N. Willamette. Hit Old Town St. Johns, 2 or 3 food trailer pods, and end at North Station Food Pod PDX Food Cart Lovers will put this together. -- suggested by Scott Batchelar

bike ride for tandems! -- suggested by johanna

changing "Pedalpalooza 2011" to "Pedalpalooza 2012" next to the 2012 button on the front page. Also: keeping this awesome tool! -- suggested by Michael Andersen

Cider Friday ride. Focused on SE, several spots that offer cider on tap, ending at Bushwhackers where they have cider on tap, and nearby gluten free cuisine. -- suggested by jj

AN OFFICIAL LOST AND FOUND -- suggested by Davin

Do you have ample bike parking? We rent portable event racks. let me know if we can help -- suggested by greg Bauer

don't be a Pedalpaloser , get on your bikes! -- suggested by Jakob Grimm

A distillery ride. There are loads of independent distilleries in Portland: making whisky, gin and vodka. How about a tour and tasting ride? -- suggested by Fiona

the return of the Sunny Nekkid Ride! And please keep it the second weekend of June, as I will be out of town the 18th, missing the big WNBR. :-( -- suggested by Sid

Best local bike accessory award. -- suggested by JC

let people know where to meet for world naked bike ride I want to come in from out of town and I dont see a place to meet for the ride -- suggested by neil

The Naked Ride's return. I've wanted to travel to Portland from Austin for years and as soon as I know the date for the next one, I'm there! -- suggested by Rachel Cavin

Grill ride. Ride to a seekrit location and then grill some stuff. -- suggested by pdx.83

How about a tandem event where vision impaired and sighted could team up for a ride? -- suggested by vision impaired

"Got Bluffed Ride" Ride the crest of Mocks Bottom along N. Willamette. Hit Old Town St. Johns, 2 or 3 food trailer pods, and end at North Station Food Pod for a bicycle ride-in of music, movies, and a meet and greet with some of the distinguishe -- suggested by depokos

"Got Bluffed Ride" Ride the crest of Mocks Bottom along N. Willamette. Hit Old Town St. Johns, 2 or 3 food trailer pods, and end at North Station Food Pod for a bicycle ride-in of music, movies, and a meet and greet with some of the distinguishe -- suggested by Pizza DePokos

having the Naked Ride moved up to 6/3, to come be part of the counter-protest effort against the Baptist nutjobs from Topkea, KS, picketing Grant HS that day. -- suggested by nwrockdoc

using the Naked Ride as a means to bolster the efforts of the Portland community's counter-response to the WBC. This is the ultra-right Baptist group from Topeka that loudy hate everyone. They're coming to Grant HS on 6/3. Perhaps a group of -- suggested by Seth Grant

a 9 to 5 ride for the unemployed -- suggested by K'Tesh

splashdance 5! Bikes, water, and shaking your booty! We'll ride, dance, and splash in water fountains all over town with our sound system in tow! Dress for a dance party - a wet one! Squirt guns encouraged. -- suggested by splashdance!

Glamor Shots Ride: Bike around town for bike / rider photo shoots. Steel Bridge, Voodoo, On top of the Burnside bridge, Riverfront, decrepit north west industrial backgrounds!!! Who Knows!?! -- suggested by paul zavitkovski

folks planning the bigger events --Multco Bike Fair, the big all-night parties --block out dates and times on the calendar asap, so as to facilitate smaller event organizers who wish to plan so as to avoid competing w/ said bigger bikey events. -- suggested by Larsen E. Whipsnade

a master gardening ride - i will lead folks to wonderful garden in portland. many with chicken, some with amazing artichokes, and quite pssobly we can end with an herbal sauna! -- suggested by Minka

DINGUS RIDE. contact for deets. you know who you are. -- suggested by RKellyyyy

How about a bicycle over night camp out on bikes -- suggested by Carl Larson

celebrating/ ranting on "various" memories (not to be confused w/mammaries, btw!)of the former "Presidency"of one former Pres. George W. Bush w/ the 1st "official" BUSH Bike N' Bitch '09! Say it ALL w/ALL YOUR FAVOR -- suggested by Safari Cass Anova

Bring out your used rims... We'll see how many rims make up a neighborhood block. -- suggested by June

Park to Park Ride and the BIG LEBOWSKI ride + bowling! It was a really enjoyable experience last year, I met a lot of great people, and I'd like to do it again! -- suggested by Jesse Nicola

where is the karaoke to karaoke ride? and the sexy cyclist ride? those have been the best in the previous years! I wouldn't mind hosting if the previous years host are indisposed, and no one has plans to pick up the torch. my email is lazerpenguins@g -- suggested by Jesse

Bike lane clean-up social -- suggested by Jake the Rake

Bikini bike ride. -- suggested by Emma

Track stand lessons -- suggested by Bikerchic

Offer smiles, waves, and bicycle bells on a Raise the Positivity Bar tour. -- suggested by Jonsun

Make bikes not war party. Also could be known as the - making bikes as a joy and not a laborous chore party. -- suggested by Biff Luke

a hounds and hare ride. Marking the trail with flour or chalk, the hares get a head start and the rest( hounds) try to catch them. I would be willng to help set this event up,but would need some help/support -- suggested by Joe Adamski

gravity bike racing down mt. tabor -- suggested by me

Overnite bike/camping ride 80's night ride,with 500w on-bike audio with 12" sub provided by me :) -- suggested by STATE YOUR NAME

Participate in the Starlight parade. Light up you bicycle with LED christmas lights (cut the strings up to run them on 12VDC) and have a brightly lit bicycle group. -- suggested by Jeff Barton

A naked bike ride. It may sound funny, but it happens every year in the UK, and it started out as a protest. -- suggested by Lucas Myers

A 2009 PP Kickoff Parade WITHOUT paying the $690 permit fee for 10+ blocks of riding. Hell, the Boston Tea Party didn't need a permit, neither does bike riding need permit nor taxation. WtH* The PPKP ride could start at Midnight! *footnote: What the Hell -- suggested by Tom

Bike in the City. Be sexy, be dashing, be a green-freak super-star. Best of all bike like you are from Portland. Represent PDX! -- suggested by pdxLUV

A ride for psycho-analysis facial-expression attitudinal-impact awareness. Ride 2min with the expressions - mad, benign, sad, shocked, and horny; follow-up each with observations of how we felt individually and as a whole. Psych degree not required. -- suggested by Tom

My Top Three: 1) SantaCon CM; 2) World Almost Naked Bike Ride--Skimpy speedos, brief bikinis, and water blasters! 3) Surveillance Camera Ride; 4) Ghostbusters Tour of PDX Haunted Houses. -- suggested by your name

1.) Bagel ride 2.) xtracycle races! putting super awkward things on your cargo bike and hauling them! -- suggested by Buffalo Dave

an all sidewalk ride. -- suggested by Your Name

What about an all e-bike ride? Show off your e-bike pride. -- suggested by prudence

bike to croquet. ride springwater to waterfront and play croquet. entry fee could benefit a children's charity. -- suggested by Wade

bikes+pillows+=bikillow fights -- suggested by belmonter

mustache ride!! -- suggested by Dustpan

bike touring how-to/tips workshops and an overnight or several night group bike trip -- suggested by gypsyweaver

hands-on bike maintenance workshops -- suggested by gypsyweaver

a farmers market ride. On a Sunday it could connect the Montavilla and Lents markets. -- suggested by Teressa

an outer SE ride that ends up/starts out at the Lents Farmers Market (92nd/Foster, Sun. 9-2, starts 6/15) -- suggested by Teressa

NOT blocking the Hawthorne Bridges off ramps when you are handing out snacks or at any time. -- suggested by easily irritated

The Cathedral Park Bomb. Start @ N. Willamette Blvd. and N. Baltimore fastest one down to the bottom of the boat ramp (the river) winns. -- suggested by Eaglemon

The Long Jump @ N. Baltimore is (ouch) paved and it is steep. I think 29" would be best or just bring your 3 wheelers. -- suggested by Eaglemon

a bike FoPo bar crawl, followed by smores in Mt. Scott park after last call. -- suggested by Euphonius

Down hill slalom @ N. Baltimore st. -- suggested by Eaglemon

Long jump @ Baltimore st. -- suggested by Eaglemon

a rocky butte ride like last year -- suggested by billy

Could there be a feeder ride from Portland out to the Bicycle Milwaukie event? You know, someone to show us how it's done! -- suggested by new cyclist

setting up grass, cones, lamps, potted ferns and enough fun stuff to make 30 blocks of Sandy (20th to 50th)a one lane car road and the rest for everyone else! -- suggested by Dr. Depave

holding a Bike Tube Strap-on making party one afternoon... I want to do it. -- suggested by Ida

making it much longer, for several reasons, 1- I will be in Germany for much of PP and hate missing so much of it, 2- with the oil crisis, we need Portland peeps to really understand that bikes are here to stay EVERYDAY ALLDAY EVERYWHERE, not just for a -- suggested by gustav sculptor

Freak Bike fun ride. for all freak bike riders and builders and those that like them. -- suggested by Clif

a tour of the "40 mile loop" that sees every one of portland's 30 parks -- suggested by WJ

A Pinball ride. Ride to all the Pinball spots. Clinton St. Pub, Billy Ray's Etc. -- suggested by Robin

performing at the Bike Fair. Who can I contact for the cheezits to perform at the bike fair this summer. call or email 971-344-0115 or -- suggested by Bob New

A large riders workshop simmilar to the one citybikes put on. Tips and information for large riders. -- suggested by Robin Bogert

A zaftig/fat/curvy/rubenesque Ride. A ride for big riders for some comradery and fun. No one gets left behind/all skill levels welcome. If someone helps me with route planning I would lead this or co-lead it. -- suggested by Robin Bogert

A bike parade, permitted or unpermitted, with theme floats, clowns, and the marching bands on bikes. Maybe an endanger species ride where people dress up as endangered animal flocks and peddle around the city one last time. -- suggested by berry

Dress like it's the year your bike was made! ....I like old bikes, can you tell? Yeesh. -- suggested by April

Old Bikes Ride--your bike must be older than, say, 1980? Or an old British bikes ride. A whole bunch of Raleighs! -- suggested by April

dancing our asses off at the after-party, which I'll be DJing. Get hyped at -- suggested by Gray

scavenger hunt!! -- suggested by your name

Workbike race: Who can haul the most potatoes from A to B in a given amount of time. A and B to be across town. Hauling time should equal one >shift< or eight hours. -- suggested by your name

tandem bike races around Woodlawn Park the weekend of June 21 as well as Quadem FourPlay team time-trial races. I see event as competition-lite and fun-heavy. -- suggested by Alicia Crain

a yoga ride. Bike to pretty, inspirational points in the city (while singing to the dieties!), do some sun salutations and other yoga poses, etc. at these places, then pedal to The Bhaktishop in SE for tea, satsang and fun! -- suggested by Tasha

donating kegs of Captured by Porches beer for those that like beer and kegs of Busch for people that don't. -- suggested by Dylan Goldsmith

Hide and go seek on bikes! -- suggested by ed

So many great ideas! I'd like to see the Velo Vixens and Voodoo donuts and high-heel trade ins for bikes. But PedalPalooza should last 3 months! -- suggested by scWinner

How about a ride to the Hawthorne bridge to display signs about how motorists damage our roads and then fail to take responsibility for their rudeness. -- suggested by chainstains

Another Naked Bike Ride in a warmer month! Or during the warm part of the day! -- suggested by Santos

Putting Pedalpalooza (June 12-28, 2008) and the Carfree conference on the Calendar -- suggested by When Is It

bike helmet decorating party (with wigs, lights, reflective paint, glue, etc. provided) -- suggested by Helmet Hair

biking the trail in Vernonia - all bikes accessible - even recumbent trikes -- suggested by Karen

End to End Max Rides / get off / ride / get back on / get coffee / learn about using Max / bike / get rid of your car - how to get home if you get a flat in the rain/dark/cold??? Something like that -- suggested by Maribeth

Sad to see the old 205 bike path destroyed for max - what is the replacement? Awareness through rides of how to get where you need to go in PDX - by bike - how long it takes an average rider - ask me if you want more on this (503)936-4008 -- suggested by Maribeth Wester

I would very much like to arrange a New Wave Night Ride. I could meet up with riders for a fun 80's retro dress inspired collection of cyclists ready to get the groove on to A-HA, Depeche, and Cure at a local bar or club. I have all the moble gear if -- suggested by dj kenny

Capture the flag on a big grid of city streets! (yes, stunningly unsafe!) -- suggested by Dan

Pedal Pie-Looza! The name says it all! (Someone else should do this one because I'll be sure to schedule a competing ride at exactly the same time just before the print let's have at it..with pies, of course!) -- suggested by Xenophobic Xanadite

Seven course bike potluck. -- suggested by BikeGrrrl

Tip a car over and drag it around using bikes w/ropes. Then Sell pieces by the pound. -- suggested by blurry

never ending the event -- suggested by blurry

a route of the streets of downtown portland with a stop off at VooDoo doughnuts -- suggested by dethbike

all ages zombiehunt -- suggested by ZAKC

I'd really like to put together a night of drag racing, followed by a no rules race across town. if anybody knows of a good flat, straight industrial area with that certain necessary ambience, email me at -- suggested by AC

Another Naked Bike Ride!!! come'on! yeah! -- suggested by Ryan Sigg

I am currently working on a pedal powered COTTON CANDY machine that I would like to premiere at the MCBF. If it works, I propose that the proceeds (suggested donation) be for SHIFT. How can I reserve a place to display/use this contraption at the fair? -- suggested by Ben Yang

Seminar- mutant bike tech- the creation of new artifacts from bike parts, including tools, architecture, etc. Contact: -- suggested by your name

Strike out on yer own: ride the trolley trail in Milwaukie before they pave it. Just a hop, skip and jump from 3 bridges. -- suggested by HanMan

daytime dance with yer bike (please add lib) in belmont or powell park...low key, bring yer own snacx -- suggested by My name is ALIVE

ride in the cully neighborhood featuring trees and taquerias -- suggested by cheshire

ride in the cully neighborhood featuring trees and taquerias -- suggested by cheshire

changing the name to Cycle Summer -- suggested by Marc

High schoolers ride. -- suggested by Frosh

Holy SITTING DUCKs! Or rather cycling Ducks... it's a Ducky on a Bike Ride?? -- suggested by James Hatfield (modXstb)

bare breasted bicycle brains in a bucket! -- suggested by aoxomoxoa (modXstb)

Homebuilts only event/parade. Only bikes fabricated for fun, aka chunk 666 types -- suggested by Hanmade

closing down a couple of streets downtown for a kid bike parade. -- suggested by sydney

Mountain Bike Skills class and ride in forest park. -- suggested by Jordan Norris

Riding around Portland for 24 Hours. Start on a Saturday morning, finish Sunday with Breakfast. -- suggested by Tomas Quinones

the velo vixens want to perform at the bike fair! -- suggested by shantastic

incorporating mine and Tiago's (otherwise known as Pinga da Clown) wedding as an event. We met at last year's summer solstice ride at the top of mt. tabor, and this year will be marrying before the solstice ride right back up at the top. We� -- suggested by Adriane

A perpetual marathon relay, in which a flag is carried by a series of cyclists nonstop throughout pedalpalooza. -- suggested by Sleepless

Workshop: How to build solar chargable bike lights/battery chargers. Reuse those broken solar calculators. -- suggested by Robert

More streamlined and efficient Bike-powered smoothies: I would love to bring my Xtracycle and B3 blender ( /fender-blender-p-81.html) to whip up smoothies and dips for the masses. I can supply the hardware and leg -power, but would -- suggested by griffin

a bike tour of portland murals, with as many of the artists on-hand (and even along for the ride) to discuss the work. I am willing to organize this - who do i contact? -- suggested by Marc

Six pack relay. Duct tape a six pack of talboys together and ride in a circle derby style. Must be moving to drink, winner finishes first. -- suggested by Captain Calamity

Temporary tattoos. Big ones with the text of our favorite laws. Smaller ones with important web sites. Long skinny ones that look like bike chain links. MCBF reminders. -- suggested by Tall Steve

Cargo competition. See who can haul the heaviest load up a designated hill. Sorry, Todd, no stoke moneys allowed. -- suggested by Tall Steve

PDX Toxic Ride! Cyclists paint themselves green and ride from the nuclear reactor at Reed to the polluted waters of the Willamette in the NW industrial district where they bathe themselves "clean". -- suggested by Dan Philo

Vancouver Can/bottle Picking Festival/Contest. Prize: Your weight in Aluminum Scrap or used computer/bike parts. -- suggested by Calvin White

Bike This Way! Have the city's Office Office Sustainability sign over two major city roads for bike use only for 3 days. -- suggested by Wayne

An across Portland no-rules, cannonball run. From the zoo to the top of Mt. Tabor, for instance. Or even, from two closer points. -- suggested by some moron.

Movies, lectures, art shows... Rides are great, but we should mix it up. -- suggested by Seriously

Freebike! All bike shops and large corporations located within city limits give away bikes a bike rally/raffle. -- suggested by Garth

coreographed bicycle dances. imagine all the glory of synchronized swimming finally adapted to the roadway! -- suggested by A. L. Brahe

Automotive exorcism. A laying on of hands for local automobiles. Rev Phil? Can you officiate? -- suggested by Otto

BiKultural Day! A place of Bikes where bike commuters, messenger, racers, zoobombers, etc all come together to celebrate. -- suggested by Wayne

Wheelie competition! -- suggested by Elie

Urban obstacle course/tour, through unknown alleys and backways... -- suggested by One speed Dirk

I can't ride 55 ride: a ride for folks over 55. -- suggested by a geezer

Car-commuter challenge: Pick a random car at an intersection (say, by the Hollywood freeway entrance) and have a whole mob of people race said car to its presumably downtown destination. -- suggested by Chance

Air Compressor stations around town. Or Just Bike Pumps Attached to the ground -- suggested by karl

Old Scooter Polluter Trade-In day. Get two free Bikes from the Gates Foundation when you trade in your 2-cycle scooter. -- suggested by Garth

Adopt a bridge. Hand over the Hawthorne Bridge for bike only use and play during PEDALPALOOZA -- suggested by Wayne

want to win this race -- suggested by rajat

Bike swapping ride: have your way with other people's bikes. -- suggested by Swinger

Triplets of Belleville Ride: dress as your favorite character. Frogs will be served. -- suggested by BonB regulars

Triplets of Belleville Ride: dress as your favorite character. Frogs will be served. -- suggested by BonB regulars

Bike art show and poetry/fiction/spoken word readings (with snacks and drinks of course!) Could ride to different galleries, parks,etc. for this -- suggested by Ms. Starry

SUV Extinction Day: Tax all SUV's entering the city during PedalPalooza the fund the first bike only bridge over the Willamette. -- suggested by Wayne

timed freak bike building event in which sides build a from scrap in a given time & with set criteria ('27" rear wheel, 12" front wheel' or 'must carry xx lbs' etc.), then complete an obstale course on their bikes. point -- suggested by Benjamin Jaspers

Bike Jokes. Crowd is the judge. First round - all Second round - 4 Finals - 2 jokers for the Grand Prize. Between other events to entertain the crowd. --Ryno-- -- suggested by Ryno

a synchronized biking contest; a "sit-in" in front of city hall using bike seats; bike carolling at intel, nike, tektronix etc.; BikeyBoat design competition, the winning entry of which to be constructed and used for the 2007 Portland Challenge -- suggested by Spark-lover

Bike-Ped Enlightment Day: Trade in 6 pair of high heels for a new bike -- suggested by Wayne

A photo-doughnut-naked-mobile movie dance party night ride with a pre-ride body painting pizza party, talent show and raffle at Disjecta (only half-kidding) -- suggested by Xena

...not naming it "Pedalpalooza." -- suggested by Mr. Grouchypants

Martyr Ride -- 12 cyclists tow an old Cadillac (with working brakes and a driver) around Portland. Maybe over the most dangerous routes. -- suggested by cosmo

South Waterfront Bike-In to showcase eco-logical transport. No cables needed. -- suggested by Garth

Oxbow overnight at the Hike / bike in Group campground -- suggested by KC

The Ride Someone Else's Ride ride. Get to the ride, switch bikes with a friend, have fun. -- suggested by bike thief

co-ed naked ride -- suggested by Barry Derriere

A super huge photo shoot. Get tons of PDX bike folk in one place, and take lots of beautiful and creative pictures of them. -- suggested by Paul

Bike Themed Movie Night at Pioneer Courthouse Square -- suggested by Dennis

Close off a street and hold sprint races. -- suggested by Marcus

The 39th & Glisan 500 (500 laps...winner kisses Joan of Arc) -- suggested by Dizzy

More Zoobomb! -- suggested by zoobomb

Fat Tire is great and all...but lets have a local beer next year. Perhaps a seasonal beer brewed just for PedalPalooza and released at the kickoff party? -- suggested by Pedalpabooza

Cartopper Critical Mass: Gas up your car, put your bike on the rack and cruise downtown. -- suggested by Otto D. Pendant

Portland's Worst Bike Routes Ride: gravel, tracks, cars going over must sign a waiver and write a letter to your mom before going on this ride -- suggested by Carl and Ken

An all afternoon pizza party for people to collect calendar bundles for distribution -- suggested by Timo

"All the places Rev. Phil has been arrested" ride -- suggested by Carl