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Forum for Super Legal Clinton

Super Legal Clinton St. Ride
Friday, August 29, 4:45pm
EDITED!  We win!  Show up if you want and ride around, but it'll be more fun to go to the bigger 4 PM ride for the victory lap!

After seeing this:

I feel like Chris Farley in this:

The plan is to get as many cyclists at the intersection of 26th and Clinton at rush hour.  Every bike makes a complete stop.  EVERY BIKE STOPS.  If

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mh (2014-08-17 20:16:32)
Super-legal Clinton ride
It is truly unfortunate that there are no stop signs on Clinton between 26th and 34th. Whatever else you do (and I like crossing in pairs, as if we're a four wheeled vehicle), TAKE THE LANE.
Eric Bauman (2014-08-18 23:11:16)
Ebaum's World, bro?
spare_wheel (2014-08-19 16:52:51)
clinton protest ride
In addition to the stop sign action I suggest setting up a continuous loop of lane-taking cyclists that ride slowly up and down the hill.
bather-shorts (2014-08-27 9:33:06)
Uncertainty and confusion, so very safe.
"If 3 pull up to the same stop sign, each bike waits to stop individually", "continuous loop of lane-taking cyclists that ride slowly up and down the hill".
Yep, let's be total dicks about this.
Justin (2014-08-27 10:57:08)
Rush hour start
Can we start this a little earlier, say 4:15 or so? If the goal is to get cars to stay off Clinton, it helps to show that Clinton is clogged with bikes when rush hour starts so they continue to Powell.
Also, regarding the "total dicks" comment: We don't have to be jerks about it. It only takes a few bikes to set the pace on Clinton there; if it's slow going and hard to pass, cars will divert without our doing anything out of the ordinary. I suspect that most cyclists will just continue on without trying to slow things down anyway, of course.
Eric Ivy (2014-08-27 12:44:11)
Whatever works!
Show up whenever is convenient! As far as being a dick, my point is to show that by using Idaho stops and multiples bikes at the same time, we are enabling cars to commute faster. By following laws to the T, they will see how inconvenient it is for them
Aaron (2014-08-28 9:19:39)
We can take division?
The way I figure it. If the city thinks it's cool to put the auto traffic on Clinton. We [bicyclists] should just take Division. I propose a super legal division ride!
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