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Pedalpalooza is 3+ weeks of bikey fun. With 323 different events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free.

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Sunday June 25

Woodlawn Park (under the bridge), NE Dekum St and Bellevue Ave Take Trimet (This park has cover, no excuse for rain to keep you away.)
9:00am - 10:30am
Wake up at a civilised hour to roll over to the park for coffee. This is a BYO affair, either make it there via camp stove, or bring brewed coffee. Something to eat isn't a bad idea, either. Spend a bit here with friends, what's the hurry?
Adventure!, urbanadventureleague at gmail daht comm,  [forum]
9:45am - 1:45pm
A tour of the northern regions of the city on your humble internally geared three speed bicycle. Bring your trusty three speed bicycle from any nation. Three speeds preferred but any bike welcome if you don't have one. Casual paced ramble,approx 15 mi, fairly flat, with a little unpaved "rough stuff" action thrown in. We'll have a picnic and tea brew up on the way, bring all the necessities like food, a teakettle and a camping stove. Ride not a loop, ends near transit and adult beverages. Check website for more info.
Presidente.,  [forum]
10:00am - 2:00pm, meet at 10, leave at 10:30am
Let's explore the nearer reaches of the Columbia Slough! This approximately 20 mi ride will feature sleepy reaches of this waterway, plus other secret spots. Mixed surfaces, may have to push or carry a bike for a bit. A bit of high traffic roads, too. Not a loop but will end near transit, and maybe we'll do lunch, etc at the end.
Slough Country Rambler  [forum]
10:00am - 12:00pm
A friendly gathering of e-bike riders and those wanting to experience e-bikes on a long, steep climb. For those needing an e-bike, we are offering nearly free rentals - it takes just a $10 donation to Safe Routes to Schools. Reservations required for rentals.

The ride covers about 10 miles stopping mid-way at the top of Mount Tabor.

Non-electric riders welcome too (but no gas motors please).
Cynergy E-Bikes, info at cynergyebikes daht comm, Cynergy E-Bikes, Rich Fein, 503-719-7678  [forum]

CANCELED I'm am really sorry about this but due to circumstances beyond are control this ride has been cancelled
Join us for the Second annual running of Festivallus Byciclius - this year we'll be taking part in the 10th Anniversary of Portland's Sunday Parkways during their North Portland Ride.

So what Is Festivallus Bicyclius?

Think a Festival on Bikes!

Here's the plan:

PENINSULA PARK: Bike Decoration Station - We'll have lights, ribbons, flowers, duct tape and other bike decorations
ARBOR LODGE: Exercise Field - Yoga, Tai Chi, Ecstatic Dance
KENTON PARK: Dress for the Occasion/Lunch - Streamers, Hats, Face and Body Painting/Tattoos plus other Fun Clothing accessories
MCCOY PARK: Caring Corner - Acupuncture, Massage, Cool Drinks, other fun and easy health modalities
WILLAMETTE BLUFF: Music, Storytelling and Mime

Scott Batchelar, scottbs at mac daht comm, Event on Facebook, 971-207-5523  [forum]

11:00am - 4:00pm
On June 25th, thousands of smiling faces will gather in North Portland to celebrate 10 years of Sunday Parkways! Yep, this event represents the 10th year that we will bike, walk, and roll across Portland.  Community members are invited to glide along the scenic 9.5 mile double loop that takes a trip to the Willamette Boulevard and over to Peninsula Rose Garden, Arbor Lodge, Kenton, and McCoy Parks.
PBoT, PBoT  [forum]
11:00am - 12:00pm
During Sunday Parkways in North Portland let's meet up a little bit before the women's ride in Arbor Lodge Park at 11:00 am (I'll be near the swings at Harper's Playground in the shade -- hopefully with a nipple sign! :). Anyone who's breastfeeding can nurse their little one then set out at noon with the women's ride!  I'm working on a photo series called 101 Breast Places to Feed Your Baby in Portland.  I'd love to get a group together to support normalizing breastfeeding during one of the most family friendly events in the city.  You can follow me on Instagram [at]alionhorse to see more from the series.
Andrea Leoncavallo, andrea.leoncavallo at gmail daht comm,, 732-713-8473  [forum]
12:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday afternoon bike polo, BYO bike, helmet, and gloves. Mallets provided. Stop by to hang out! Heckling encouraged. Newbie friendly.
Portland Bike Polo, genderinpolo at gmail daht comm  [forum]
12:30pm, Roll at 1
A celebration of PIE, the best dessert, and bicycles, our favorite form of transportation! We'll ride to explore 4 celebrated Portland pie shops, and maybe end at a park for a picnic. Start in N Portland, visiting shops in NE and SE.
About 10 miles total. Not a loop. Family friendly.  Arrive early if you want pie at our starting location - we roll at 1pm!
Bring cash for pie at bakeries.
Bakers, if you want, bring pie to share too!
Pie fights ok but please no pie in the face of the ride leader.

Manda, Facebook event link  [forum]
1:30pm - 2:00pm
This a meet and greet for people signed up for the Seattle to Portland ride on July 15-16 (and/or fans and supporters!).  Let's get acquainted with others bold enough to be doing this crazy event!

Promptly at 1:45 I'll lead an icebreaker and round of questions to introduce everyone and find out reasons for riding/experience. We can then informally discuss carpooling to Seattle, mid-ride camping in Centralia, and possibly training rides.

No ride organized, just lunch outside at the food trucks (get there early to buy yours and bring it over) in the wonderful PNW summer, and the opportunity to recognize a few faces as we are plowing thru the 203 mile trek!  

Maybe we can even discuss post-race massage trade :)
Becky Fromm, beejfromm at gmail daht comm,, 305-495-3095  [forum]

2:00pm, FB will be up-to-date
Dad's On Vacation - you know the drill dads. Hit all the Travel Oregon hot spots in Portland donning your best short pants and dad shirts. Don't forget your SLRs, dad jokes, and safety gear. Mom's welcome too of course
Eric Ivy, ericivy at gmail daht comm, FB Event page  [forum]
Peninsula Park, 700 N Rosa Parks Way Take Trimet (At the octagonal picnic shelter)
4:30pm - 10:30pm, Meet and mingle at 4:30, take off round 5. Lounge at 7, ends at 10.
We'll ride an easy pace to a few places with interesting acoustics to share acoustic music. Shade and water refills will be considered. Bring instruments to jam, especially tiny instruments for a jam in a tiny park. Ride ends at Jade Lounge for Ascension Conspiracy's Sunday Soire. The venue has no cover charge, but it does have wonderful food and drink as well as air conditioning. After the show if there's anyone left who wants to ride we can roll down to a river to contunue until we're done. Ride can be all ages, end spot is 21+.
Greg Cedarbeard , singedelart at gmail daht comm, Ascension Conspiracy, 503-893-5602  [forum]
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Here we come more darn Norcal pirates funking up the place. We are the lousy neighbors you just love to hate. We promise we won't stay long. Only until we've plundered as much of the beautiful Portland bike culture as we can get our hooks into. Portland is truly a Bike Party Pirates Dreams.

I know there are California transplants up here. Don your pirate gear
and come ride with us. We won't judge you. You don't have to tell your native Portlander friends, it will be our little secret.  

We're gonna stop at Voodoo Donuts. We end at the Skidmore bluffs hopefully by sunset.
Curtis Buckley, ccbuck at excite daht comm  [forum]

Monday June 26

10:00am - 6:00pm
Riding to quiet country roads and spectacular scenery is easier than you think. The Columbia River Gorge is just a short bicycle ride away. And you can totally handle it if you are an everyday rider. Bring a snack, water, and Trimet fare. Geared bikes recommended.  Approx 40 miles round trip. Camping option at Ainsworth State Park. REGISTRATION REQUIRED!
Adventure!,  [forum]
10:00am, Ride with main group or come on your own
After the Gorge ride, let's camp at Ainsworth State Park for the night and head back Tuesday. Hiker/biker site $5/person. You can ride out with the main Gorge ride or come out on your own. Registration required.

Adventure!,  [forum]
Portland International Raceway, 1940 N Victory Blvd Take Trimet (the infield, to the left when you enter)
4:00pm - 8:00pm, Every Monday in June
Portland's most popular summer bike race series (for young and old, novice or hardcore racers, mountain or cross bikes) is upon us!  Come ride your bike in the dirt at Portland International Raceway.  Fun for beginners and veterans.
Short Track,  [forum]
This ride will be paced for families and stop for a snack (please bring snack money) at a tasty place along the way (optional). As we ride and rest, we will talk about local advocates' endeavors to make our streets safe for kids through Safe Routes to School funding campaigns. Ride with us and learn how you can share your story to help the effort!
LeeAnne  [forum]
We will ride a route that explores why some people violate traffic laws while cycling. Along the way we will also discuss how we could improve infrastructure and traffic laws to improve compliance. The ride will highlight some locations but please bring your own examples of infrastructure and/or locations where it may be safer to (technically) violate the law.

A BikeLoudPDX ride.
Facebook event page:

BikeLoudPDX, bikeloudpdx at gmail daht comm,  [forum]

Ladd's circle, SE 16th Ave & Harrison St Take Trimet (In the middle of the circle!)
6:30pm, Meet at 6:30, ride at 7
Moved to monday the 26th due to rain

High visibility and Neon extravaganza ride!
Dress as vividly and brightly as you can.
Neon, reflective, bright, or other very colorful and visible clothing and accessories are what we want!

We aim to reach the Skidmore bluffs before sunset for some drinks, but no promises on timing.

We will probably stop at a mini-mart shortly before arriving at the bluffs.

Got lights or music? Bring it!

Remember, The only thing more powerful than Maximum Power, is SUPER MAXIMUM POWER!
Jack, s2b at  [forum]

Ride meets at 7:30, leaves at 8. We'll ride about an hour
Fifth annual singin' karaoke?  like hangin' out in a park with other bikers?  come on this ride and join the two together, without compromising anything!  the ride will end-- not in a karaoke bar-- but in a park rigged with a rad homemade karaoke set-up.  it's legit, so expect  a wide range of song options, but not everything.  
bring your bike!  bring drunken lungs

Mark And James, Hollisj20 at yahoo daht comm  [forum]

Tuesday June 27

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